• Dave

    So people are upset that Neturei Karta was allowed the right to respond to an op-ed piece attacking them?

  • TerrorIsEvil
  • Bjorn

    The pro-Israel Jewish movements demand total loyalty and unswerving obedience to their agenda of “Israel Right or Wrong.” It’s rather pathetic how extensive this mindset is. It’s the McCarthyite period of the 1950s all over again. And these types of Jews are rather liberal when it comes to “pluralism” as long as such pluralism falls within their own preconceptions, which are often quite neurotic and paranoid. Those of us who are anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews need give no apologies for our positions. It is those who accept any type of “Judaism” except anti-Zionist Judaism who need to think things over.

    • Mike

      First of all, Bjorn, McCarthy was right, so you are wrong right there. So you need not apologize for your opinion, but others must? What an ass you are.