• majidfarhad

    Thank you for the informative article. This is a fact that the government and media care more about irrelevant issues than covering the news about a genocide. I wish Mr. Cotler would write something or try to get the attention of the Canadian government to the plight of the people in Camp Ashraf. 3400 Iranian dissidents who were given protected status under the 4th Geneva Convention by the Americans when they invaded in Iraq have been left at the mercy of the Iraqi forces in Iraq. During the past two years the Iraqi government under Nouri Al Maliki has attacked the camp twice massacring 47 of the residents and wounding over 1000 of them. The Iraqi government has set a deadline of Dec 2011 for all the residents to leave Iraq otherwise they will be massacred.
    Here is where honorable people such as Mr. Cotler and Mr. Frank Chalk should interfere to bring some attention to this issue. 3400 defenseless refugees will be massacre at the end of Dec 2011 if nothing is done.