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Jewish groups alarmed as more anti-Jewish sermons found in mosques


More videos of anti-Jewish sermons being delivered in mosques in Canada have come to light, the latest from the Dar Al-Arqam mosque in Montreal and the Al-Hikmah mosque in Toronto.

Sheikh Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr is captured in a 20-minute YouTube video dated Dec. 23, 2016, addressing a prayer meeting at Dar Al-Arqam in Montreal East.

According to a translation of the Arabic by the Toronto-based online publication CIJNews, he says Jews are “the most evil of mankind” and that Allah has ordained that they be killed by Muslims.


“At the end of time when the Muslims will triumph over the most evil of mankind (and) the human demons, the stone and the tree will say: O Muslim, O servant of Allah, O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews” the translation says.

Musa Al Nasr is identified as a visiting Jordanian cleric.

Similar messages have been delivered by Sheikh Abdulqani Mursal, an imam at Al-Hikmah in North York, reports CIJNews editor Jonathan Halevi, who is described as a retired lieutenant-colonel in the Israel Defence Forces and a senior researcher of radical Islam at the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs.

Apparently drawing from Islamic scripture, Mursal taught that “the fate of the Jews is… to be killed by Muslims,” Halevi writes.

He read a hadith, or saying of Muhammad, that: “You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me), kill him.”

Whatever the source of these sentiments, Jewish groups decry them as hateful, incitement, possibly hate crimes.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) said the published excerpt of Musa Al Nasr’s talk “mirrors, word for word, a similar genocidal declaration” in the charter of Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist organization by Canada.

“We are deeply troubled and angered that yet another imam has dehumanized Jews and glorified violence against them,” stated CIJA Quebec co-chair Rabbi Reuben Poupko.

Even more disturbing, he said, is that the mosque would disseminate Musa Al Nasr’s “incitement to violence and hatred” on the Internet.

CIJA has submitted the latest material to police to determine if it violates Canada’s Criminal Code.

“We condemn these appalling sermons which… are a dangerous rejection of Canada’s core values of tolerance, pluralism, and non-violence,” he said.

“In light of similar incidents recently exposed in Montreal and Toronto, there is a real concern that the airing of hateful rhetoric – including anti-Semitism—has become routine at some mosques.”

Quebec vice-president Eta Yudin said CIJA is “aware that the police are taking concrete and significant steps” in their investigation of the incidents at both Montreal mosques. “We are in close contact and the situation is being treated very seriously.”

B’nai Brith Canada has filed a formal complaint with police because it believes that this is hate speech. Musa Al Nasr is a “prominent member of the hardline Salafist movement in Jordan, where he lectures at the al-Ahliyya University in Amman,” it says.

According to B’nai Brith’s research, he delivered lectures more than a dozen times at Al-Arqam, which were recorded and uploaded on YouTube.


B’nai Brith CEO Michael Mostyn expressed frustration that police have yet to lay charges in connection with a complaint it made in February when a video was exposed of another imam at another Montreal mosque pleading for the death of Jews.

The 2014 sermon by Sayed AlGhitawi, a guest imam at the Al-Andalous Islamic Centre, called on Allah “to destroy the accursed Jews” and “kill them one by one.”

“When will Canada finally recognize that we are not immune to racism and anti-Semitism, and that it is this type of rhetoric that directly leads to radicalization all over the world?” Mostyn asks. “What will it take before charges are laid for criminal incitement in Canada?”

Samer Majzoub, president of the Montreal-based Canadian Muslim Forum said, “We denounce all sorts of hate speech, whether it is anti-Semitism, whether it is racial profiling, bashing of the so-called white race. We refuse it totally. Canada is not the place to show such kind of divisive talk for any reason whatsoever.”

More specifically, he said the passage cited by Musa Al Nasr is not contained in Qur’an, and thinks local mosques should be more cautious about who they invite or allow to speak, especially speakers coming from outside the country.

“I think it is time for mosques and any other type of institution that receives speakers to be very careful about who are those speakers,” said Majzoub, who was the initiator of the petition that led to the tabling of M-103, the anti-Islamophobia motion presented to the House of Commons.

Majzoub noted that local mosques and other Islamic institutions are run by volunteers who often don’t have the time to look into what is going on.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Oh, but Trudeau and his Liberal advisors want to bring these dudes into Canada by the boatload!

    “Whatever the source of these sentiments…” The author, perhaps to avoid reality which is worse than she and many other people think, are afraid to say that the source is and always has been Islamic scriptures: the koran and hadiths. You can look them up – you must look them up – online. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Those who want M-103 and whatever follows which incriminate speaking out against such hate in Islam are what we might politely call “naive.”

  • jetrod

    Unbelievable, simply unbelievable that there isn’t a hate crime charge laid against these racist imams already, police were much quicker to investigate protesters of this mosque for hate crimes, even though they weren’t spewing racist garbage like this mosque keeps doing. These are not the only two times they had sermons like these, it seems to be the standard. The first video was recorded to show the public what was being said(without complaint from any in the congregation), the second video confirms the hatred is a normal part of their mantra. The entire congregation listened with enthusiasm, they felt this sermon was fine, not one of them complained. Not one person spoke to say killing jews was wrong. That shows they either agree with it, or they are too fearful of retaliation from their mosque and its followers to complain. Either reason is cause for concern. This mosque needs outside supervision until which time it can be determined to have stopped the hate speech. Those giving these sermons need charged, when found guilty, to face a real penalty, not a slap on the wrist, if visiting Canada they need deported and barred. If there is no penalty, then it is not a crime and this is a crime.
    Where is the equality in charges being laid for hate crimes?

    • Burhaan Xaashi

      Killing innocents is always wrong including Jews ….I am not sure if this guy called Muslims to kills Jews which is completely wrong or more like a prophecy. no one give the right to kill others period without just cause (self-defense…) . If the sermons is talking about a prophecy of War between groups then that is a different subject since I haven’t seen that prophecy yet. any Muslim fleeing war and coming here for freedom, should be grateful to this country, period.

      • jetrod

        The vidoes can be easily found on youtube. They have even been translated with subtitles so you can read the verses saying to “kill all the dirty jews”.

  • Christian Christian

    The Sunni hadith that this imam is quoting is part of a prophecy of the “end times” rather than a call for Muslims to go out and kill Jews now. It’s just a wacky prediction like in the book of revelations or other parts of the bible and the torah. They believe that there will be a war between Muslims and Jews in some invisible future and of course if such a war happened then Jews and Muslims would be killing each other.

    • TerrorIsEvil

      “According to a translation of the Arabic by the Toronto-based online publication CIJNews, he says Jews are “the most evil of mankind” and that Allah has ordained that they be killed by Muslims.”

      That’s very clear – no sugar-coating – no obfuscation – no confusion – this is a call to kill Jews – and it is done regularly in Canadian Mosques. Now such incitement will be protected by M-103 which was passed yesterday. We live in dangerous times and the wolves are in the hen house.

  • joe1745ny .

    keep ur welcoming borders wide open. mittens and compasses are generously being donated. zero is the goal here.

  • As long as left-wing liberal Justin Trudeau remains in power this will never stop – the Left in Canada like the Left in America is exceedingly anti-semitic and submissive to Islam and its vicious rants against Jews. It is shocking and disgusting that educated liberal Jews remain in political parties that despise them and passively accept dhimmitude.