• mr215

    any religion (or ideology) whose leaders (read Moslem) advocate it’s adherents to kill, torture, destroy, subjugate is fundamentally flawed, in common with other ideologies that fabricate lies to support their belief and inflame their adherents to hate. Judaism for all its faults does not advocate this kind of agenda nor do Jews in general propagate this kind of agenda…..despite accusers who claim they do so. religion can be a source of good but it can also compel some to evil acts. I have noted few evil acts in the name of atheism.

  • Nemacolin

    How odd. A Jewish group just paid to put up ads in the New York City subway pointing out that killing is part of the Islamic faith.

    • TerrorIsEvil

      Killing IS the mainstay of Islamism. Remove the violence and you have nothing remaining in the so-called “religion.”

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Too much of the Islamic religion is about conquest, anti-Semitism and anti-Infidel rules and regulations. If you take away all the hate from the tomes, what’s left over has no purpose.

    Left wing groups like CIJA are so equivocal about Israel and Jewish rights that when they do speak up it sounds phony and disingenuous.