• Read correctly: Canada has stood up once again against the basic rights of Palestinians & Arabs under illegal occupation by imported israelis, on the world stage.

    Denying rights of indigenous people is an aggression on those people and a direct act of war, it’s not enough that they’re under an apartheid brutal regime of settlers, they’re also being deprived the right to register their humanity by countries claiming to export ‘Democracy’ one the other hand, this is called: Double Standards.

    Double Standards come from trying to divert attention from internal issues and serves as warmongering to steal others’ wealth & land based on lies and fabrications, remember the scandal of WMDs in Iraq that led to the killings of over a million civilian till date, not mentioning the displacement of over 4 million internally and into other countries, add to it the destruction of the infrastructure of the whole country; and that’s one example, another is israel itself.

  • Lynne Marton

    Canada is not bowing to terrorism and all that one-sided condemnation of Israel. Israel is just trying to survive in a sea of unjust persecution and attacks by those who are bent on annihilating it. Where are the Palestinian admissions of what they have done, and what they continue to do? If there is ever going to be Shalom in the region, it has to be worked on by both sides – a give and take – not all take by the Palestinians – they must give also. It starts with them accepting the State of Israel and it’s right to exist within safe borders, without the threat of attack. This is of paramount importance. Without this, there is no hope at all. Just my opinion.