• TerrorIsEvil

    The decline in support for Israel and Jews is, I think, a reflection of the declining support Jews and Jewish leaders give Israel. It is also due to a lack of education and the absence of those who are willing to inculcate and instil Jewish values. The problem is that Jewish leaders do not provide the truth, they are lost in moral relativism, and they do not instil any pride in Israel – for the most part – into their congregations and communities.

    The rise of JStreet and other groups which pretend to be Jewish but which are actually hatemonger funded mouthpieces for anti-Israel diatribe (and platforms for Islamist-Palestinian causes) exacerbates the situation.

    CIJA also pretends to be connected to Israel but they discourage activism, using all their funds for salaries and perks so the real activists are starved – a purposeful move to force their leftist Milquetoast views without interference from strong voices.

    The general Jewish community are kept in the dark about the seriousness of a world that is bullying and demonizing Israel into a dark corner. Jews are stuck in their Liberal socialist mindsets as the organizations want them to be because CIJA is really a political branch of the Liberal Party and the Trudeau their empty-headed pro-Islamist champion.

    There is really nobody speaking up for Jews and so it is no surprise that when the best Prime Minister the Jewish people have known in Canada speaks up for us, we answer by having Stephen Bronfman throw his weight and money behind Trudeau and Bernie Farber curses Harper in his silly, pompous way.

  • Steve Matthew

    TerrorIsEvil You are absolutely correct. Clearly advocacy for Israel in Canada has failed and CIJA, the advocacy arm of the UJA who claim to represent Israel and the Jewish community in Canada, have to be held accountable for this failure.

    It is important to note that Palestinian support was most common among the young and the high wage earners, implying recent university grads. This suggests that the Islamist money being poured into student activist groups on campuses has been paying off handsomely. And this money is given to all groups with the common “anti-Israel” denominator. CIJA should take note and financially support ALL groups with the common “pro-Israel” denominator and not just those that reflect CIJA’s liberal / two-state solution / give our land away / let’s all be friends philosophy.

  • workingbrain

    Well, I suppose a big MAZAL TOV is due to the guiding luminaries behind CIJA. Since their creation, support for Israel has DECLINED. But they refuse to admit there’s trouble in paradise; insisting that they’re “effective”, “behind the scenes” “advocacy” works. (Please re-read “support for Israel has DECLINED”)

    But DON’T let the DONORS KNOW!!

    Those at CIJA not only do a poor job of selling Israel as the liberal, democratic, innovation hub of the world, with a Western styled sense of morals and respect for individual rights, quite similar to Canada, they deceive well-intentioned donors. All the while attacking individuals and groups that volunteer their time and personal money to stand against Israel & Jew-haters.

    The “leaders” of CIJA should be ashamed and sent packing! Enough of invisible, lead from the behind “advocacy”.