• Guest

    The Jewish community has spent millions on Chai chickens. Taking an offer to sell the land, instead of thinking about it’s community which has supported them for many many years…it’s disgusting!!

    • KR

      The bottom line will always be that a business will always be about the bottom line. Don’t kid yourself and think that anyone is ultimately in business to give rather than to receive.

    • Borukh

      I agree with KR. This is a business AND a personal decision, for which no one should take the Chai owners to task. Supply and demand also are involved. At one time kosher free-range organic chickens were available in frozen form at Toronto Kosher on Bathurst souith of Wilson. They stopped carrying them, but they are still available at Hartmans’ Bathurst south of Steeles store. The relatively small demand seems to be met adequately by this one outlet. No doubt that Marvid in Montreal will be happy to pick up the business that Chai drops.

  • albert marelli

    Unfortunately it is more than business, The COR is the worst Kashrus organization around, its policies did not help companies Chai. Next thing you know is the cost of supervision will increase for all to make sure the COR businessmen who work 3 hours a day keep on making their large salaries. Marvid will have to cover the cost of extra distribution, so chicken cost will go up another 10%. Thanks to COR Marvid was able to sell in Toronto. As long as you pay it does not matter, you could have 6 pizza shops on the same block in Toronto and COR will look for a seventh. They are in the business of collecting supervision fees

    Chai Poultry has the cleanest chicken in the kosher word we will have to get used to the hairy monster again

  • Emma Diamond

    COR is slowly losing its influence in Ontario as the astute and business smart MK encroach on its territory. Competition is good.

    • Bruce Katkin

      It is not an issue as to which is the better Kosher symbol, it is a matter of being offered millions for a piece of land that would make no business sense to refuse. The same way Whytes bought out Strubs

  • Guest

    The COR is an organized jewish Mafia that has the most hypocritical set of rules/laws in the world. They are the North Korea of kashrus and that head dog is no better than Kim Jung Un. They take any chance a business has to survive and suffocates it beneath supervision costs, and insane rules that no other Kashruth uses. Let’s hope the Sefardi Hechsher, MK, and or OU can once and for all rid the Toronto Jewish Community of this Mafia, maybe then will we have shalom in our city

    • Bruce Katkin

      And why would you not use your real name if you have nothing to hide. Most councils use the same set of rules and if we use your theory, why would MK need to licence paper as kosher. This type of thing has become a cash grab for all councils in North America, where they are selling the stamp to anyone even in the non food business

  • Gideon

    The idea that the closure of Chai is somehow COR’s fault is ludicrous. The guy got an attractive offer to sell his business and he sold it. How is COR responsible for that? Sheesh.

  • Feuerstein

    Such a shame! I will miss their chicken.

  • Bruce Katkin

    Interesting that three weeks ago the price of the chicken was 13.21/kg, n ow it is back up to over $19/kg

  • Mark

    Here on the west coast we’re paying >$20 ($27 for the one I bought for Shabbos last week). Marvid is ripping of fellow Yidden now that Chai is gone. My children also don’t like eating the Marvid chicken, which makes me wonder what they’re fed and treated with.

  • Blima Shoshana Medovarszky

    The problem is that with any monopoly the consumer looses. The prices will go up and we the consumers will have to put up with Marvid’s semi-plucked chickens or pay the price of shopping at local butcher shops. Either way the consumers will suffer. My heart goes out to all of the Chai Poultry employees who lost their jobs and have large families to support. The cost of living in Toronto is very high and the job opportunities are few and far between. it will be very challenging for theses families in the near future. I wish them the best.