• Jerome Martin

    One has to wonder where The CJN was when CIJA’s takeover of the community apparatus was being plotted, along with the death of the CJC and all the social justice issues it went to bat for (and which presumably have been subsumed by CIJA’s agenda on Israel – at the expense of domestic issues). In other words, one wonders whether the powers-that-be controlled The CJN’s agenda as well.

    • Disparishun

      The answer is that the CJN was reporting on this. This did not exactly go unnoticed.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    What concerns me about this article is that CIJA is being criticized by the lunatic left (the New Israel Fund and Canadian Friends of Peace Now, IJV, etc) which puts the incorrect spin on the problems with CIJA.

    Yes, CIJA was not set up as a democratic organization and, yes, CIJA is a creation of wealthy individuals who want a disproportionate say in Jewish Canadian politics but, no, CIJA is not too right wing.

    In fact, if we look at what is happening on campuses in Canada (like York U) with regard to the multiple Islamist-leftist campaigns against Israel and against Jews, we see a complete absence of help from CIJA but, when they do add their 2 cents, it is to quell Jewish activism and smooth things over for the universities and the leftists within those institutions.

    So in some ways this article is a fabrication of the truth – the leftists whom are quoted giving voice to false criticism of Israel are the source of the problem and they have never been properly confronted by CIJA and other prominent Jewish people and organizations.

    If Jews do not speak up for themselves and they constantly speak up for a phony philosophy of Tikkun olam and socialist jargon rather than for the Jewish people, then they have not learned the real lessons of the Holocaust – it can and will happen again if we listen to the self-loathing leftists among us.