• Yakov Rosenblatt

    The UCC resolution doesn’t mention or apply to “Israeli goods” in general: it only speaks of goods produced in Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank which are illegal under international law. By maintaining these settlements Israel flouts its commitments as a member of the international community and thumbs its nose even at its closest and most generous allies such as the USA. But that’s all part of the plan, ain’t it: going on and on about being the region’s ‘only democracy’ (true enough … if you happen to be Jewish) while playing the role of the Middle East’s nuclear-armed warrior madman, striking out with blind vengeance left and right and destabilizing the entire region. CIJA is a good little attack dog for the far-right lunatics with their fingers on the trigger of the Israeli nuclear arsenal. Good little CIJA, make wild accusations and unleash inflammatory rhetoric against a some Christians who dare to… care about international law. The more the corporate Harperite cronies who control CIJA whine and fume over moderate liberal campaigns like UCC, and the more its mouthpieces like the CJN toe the fascist line enforcing obscene and violent adoration of the warrior state Israel, the less the official “Jewish community representatives” can honestly claim to represent anyone or anything, other than the military-industrial complex and the forces of racism and empire. You, CIJA, and you, CJN, do not speak for us, the growing mass of Jews who feel disgusted and sick of being manipulated and taken for granted as supporters of racist violence.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Mr. Rosenblatt, for leaving a comment that actually made me feel better about the world. You’ve done a rare, rare thing today.

  • Ari Gold

    Now all CIJA has to explain is how they both oppose the illegal settlements but also oppose any attempt to do anything about them. Given CIJA’s hypocrisy on this issue they have no moral standing on the issue. All they can do is try to misrepresent the call to boycott *settlement* products as something else.

  • Beth

    Personally, I like to be consulted BEFORE a decision is made when I will be asked for my ‘highest degree of solidarity.’

  • Borukh

    CIJA people, David Koschitzky, Shimon Fogel, etc. represent only themselves – just as do Frank Dimant of the B’nai Brith and Avi Benlolo of the Friends of Simon Weisenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies. They were not elected or even selected by the Jewish community, unlike the delegates (called Commissioners) who attended the United Church General Council, who were chosen by their fellow UC members. They are an oligarchy who have
    seized power through the Federations (also unelected) and withhold,
    twist and misconstrue information. I watched the UCGC’s lengthy discussion and debate with admiration and
    envy. They amended resolutions and introduced new ones, resulting in a
    balanced outcome.

    Space permits only a few examples. The original text saying occupation
    was “the primary contributor to the injustice that underlies the
    violence of the region” became “a major contributor” to it. The text
    saying ending “all settlement construction by Israel”
    was “a necessary first step in entering into good faith negotiations”
    became “a necessary step” to it. Two new sections were added:
    identifying “the ongoing aggression and incitement to violence towards
    the state of Israel and its people [as] an important contributor
    to the injustice that underlies the violence in the region…
    denounc[ing] it” as well as “all questions of Israel’s right to exist or
    or that seek to underline its legitimacy as a state”; and “denounc[ing]
    the ongoing violence towards and promotion of hatred
    for residents of the occupied territories by some settlers and others”.