• Well, this is a disappointing follow up to the first article. Who empowered CIJA’s staff to speak for the Jewish community? – they don’t speak for me – or my friends and associates – and if there is no forum for the community to question or disagree, then who do they speak for? Special interests? Their own friends? When CIJA’s immediate support for TIFF’s refusal to respect Yom Kippur this year and move one program back one day becomes known to the Jewish community in general, and it will, what then? Too bad – too late? And how come no one has asked why there is room for a priest on the CIJA Board but no room for a Rabbi? Orthodox – Conservative – Reform – any one of them is better than none. Hey does any of this sound familiar? Wow – time to wake up folks. Sha shtill?

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Well done, Ms. Starr! CIJA and some Jewish groups, rabbis and institutions (like the Yeshiva University on Long Island which recently honored antisemite Carter at their university) look at things from such a weird perspective that they might as well be working for Islamists.

    CIJA is too political, too territorial, too distanced from Israel’s needs, too elitist, and too obsequious. Their mandate seems to be to impress the general community and political people rather than speaking up for the Jewish people.

    Why is it so difficult for them to openly mount campaigns to effectively counter the hateful campaigns of CJPME, etc? Why can they not stand strong with students? “Size does not Matter” was an idiotic PR campaign akin to a sexy advert for Israel. As IAW succeeded in cementing the lie that Israel was an occupier and an “apartheid state,” CIJA was busy patting themselves on the back for ignoring reality and thinking that hedonism was the right answer to antisemitism.

    At some point we are going to have to confront our own Jewish leftists who have replaced Judaism with socialism and leftism. These people have made Jewish advocacy impossible because of their moral relativism and their siding with enemies. IJV is one outcome of extreme self-hate among leftists. They want the Jewish community and Israel to be divided so they can destroy “Zionism” and the Jewish state. They, like the Islamists and United Church whom they work with, want to achieve the same ends. If these people cannot see that they are feeding antisemitism, then it is up to our community to confront both the leftists and the Islamists. If they cannot see that antisemitism includes the antisemitism of the Islamists whose religion tells them to eradicate Jews, then leftists are missing the point – to our peril.

    CIJA needs to confront the problem, become more visible, transparent, concerned about antisemitism and anti-Israelism, stand tall with and finance student groups and activists, put leftist haters of Israel in their place, more openly and vocally confront the haters, stop spending so much on salaries and infrastructure and self-congratulatory events, stop politicking and start marching in solidarity with the Jewish people.