• Harvey Berkal

    The Winnipeg Police Major Crimes Unit has confirmed that they are investigating the death of Lilyan Peck. And the Crown Attorney Colleen McDuff has admitted in another publication that she wouldn’t have facilitated the transfer of the case file to the police if she felt it was frivolous or pointless.
    The Canadian Jewish News article was incorrect in stating that Mrs. Peck suffered from “bed sores”,
    which are commonplace. In fact, she had a serious wound that became infected and which was not given proper medical care. The Manitoba Government Protection of Persons in Care Office investigated and found that the Sharon Home was guilty of “abuse” due to “physical neglect”. They pointed to the fact that no wound team was called in, that doctors were absent at critical junctures and that days of nursing notes were missing. One of the nurses at the hospital where Lilyan Peck died was moved to tears on seeing the wounds saying she had never seen this kind of neglect in years of nursing. Her daughter, Marsha Palansky, still does not know how or why her mother was treated with such neglect. Hopefully, the police investigation will answer those questions for both her and the wider Jewish community.
    Harvey Berkal