• xexon

    You had me up until “and an unconditional love of, and devotion to, Israel”

    is a spiritual path. Jews are people who follow it. Israel is a piece
    of real estate. It is NOTHING by comparison. Modern zionism has gutted
    the spiritual aspects from Judaism and turned it into violent secular
    quest for land. These rabid settlers you see are not true Jews. Same can
    be said of Netanyahu&Co. They “look” like Jews, but are spiritually
    hollow on the inside. Pod people. And dangerous… To Jews. To Judaism.
    To the world.

    As the zionist movement is now over a
    100 years old, no Jew alive today has ever known Judaism without the
    zionist tinge. The last of who could remember were targeted by the
    zionists themselves during WWII during the zionist/nazi collaborations.
    They usurped the last spiritual Jews who knew the difference. This
    forever changed the face of Judaism in our day. It’s not been a good

    I’m still on the fence about “secular” Jews.
    There’s too many now to ignore them. Jewish upbringing, but not Jewish
    spirituality. It was the spirituality that made a Jew a Jew. Now, it’s a
    zionist state pretending to be a Jewish state.

    Know the difference. See the evidence. And judge for yourselves.

    is a mirage in the desert for thirsty Jews, both religious and secular.
    But looking at all the bleached bones laying around it, it looks more
    like a trap than a homeland.

    REAL Jews should stay in exile.


  • Michael Helfield

    “Is this only the memory of bubbie, zaidie and bagels?” As a matter of fact, this is the most important aspect of cultural Judaism, and Judaism tout court. It starts from family and love, which is more than just a blessing for the individual but for the family down through the generations: real education is hearing Holocaust stories from your grandparents, and eating a festival meal with them. I think Lorraine misses the point of “cultural Judaism”. What matters not is spending endless hours in synagogue saying more or less the same thing over and over again. What matters is individual empowerment and ability to define how one and one’s children will identify as Jewish.