• Chanapollack

    Well I don’t have any sympathy. How many people do what we did. No family help; no external help. We took out 2nd and third mortgages, sold our home, and now as seniors have no equity or savings. Our children are not wealthy but they are not sociopaths and liars and thieves. Try it folks.

    • Wayne Levin

      That’s a great question: “How many did as you did?” You pursued things as you saw fit. Some feel that  going bankrupt to provide a children Jewish education and possibly become a burden on those children in later years, or on society, is irresponsible. A dramatic development in Western civilization occurred when education was made mandatory and free. Some suggested that Jewish education over the millennia inspired this broader development. I don’t know if that’s true.

      Jewish education is of substantial benefit for all of yiddishkeit. To burden only the parents with that responsibility is not only nonsense, it is not sustainable. We’ve seen schools close – I particularly am concerned about the closing of Shearim. It was a terrific service to the families involved and the community.

      What is particularly disturbing is that there are alternatives – and I’m not referring to gov’t funding, though that too is still playable.

      • Yossi Adler

        Wayne, I agree that there are alternatives, but our community needs leadership and a firm resolve to make a real difference. All we have now are unaccountable bureaucrats who are more concerned about protecting their positions than helping those that are in need. I say this because in my interactions with community leaders, I experience a high degree of defensiveness and a clear inability to accept constructive criticism. What a shame.

        • Wayne Levin

          Well concerned parent – first, I’d like to suggest that you post with you name. Second, gather 10 other families who share your concern and contact me. Let’s do something about it. These people are weak and ineffective. They are afraid of you. Stand up for your families sake and for the sake of ensuring a strong next generation of yiddishkeit. 

  • www.hebrewwithnaomi.ca

    Read the online English articles on making Jewish Day Schools affordable in The Jewish Daily Forward nespaperhttp://forward.com/articles/150805/. 

  • Concerned parent

    Steve Shulman claims that the UJA is starting to look at various alternatives. Starting”?! Where have they been all these years!?

    Shulman also claims that the UJA is in “dialogue with parents and parent groups”. Oh? Where are these meetings held? Why don’t we parents know about these meetings?

  • Time for new leadership

    The ultimate answer is that our community leadership at the UJA has consistently failed in lobbying the government for subsidized education.  They were very successful in getting grants for a new country club in Richmond Hill, very successful in VIP missions to Israel and very successful at paying out salaries in excess of $350 K. 

    But when we ask how much funding Jewish schools should get, they tell us, “none is too many.” 

  • Wayne Levin

    The tuition and funding file has been the UJA’s “top priority” for decades and they have accomplished nothing (except launching programs for wealthy Jews to build monuments to themselves and house senior Jewish-community civil servants in a befitting fashion). The UJA is a failure upon this community. They have no idea how to lead or manage. As an example, look at the BJE-come-Mercaz-come-nothing. The UJA is self-serving, capricious, irresponsible and incompetent. Nothing demonstrates that better than their “efforts” in Jewish education. I would be pleased to debate them in an open forum. Are you up to that Ted?

  • www.hebrewwithnaomi.ca

    Please correct the link to The Jewish Daily Forward articles sent by http://www.hebrewwithnaomi.ca

  • www.hebrewwithnaomi.ca
  • The Region also has its own administration for Healthcare which follows the Provincial system. As with the rest of the GTA, transportation links are the best in Canada with Highways, Railroads and the country’s largest airport – the Lester Pearson International.