• TMR Jew

    “Harper government “deserves” an endorsement by the Jewish community”
    Does Mr Libman think that the Jewish population vote on 1 issue only?
    Libman is a naive has-been who supported the municipal mergers. Not so popular in Hampsted/CSL/TMR! This we don’t forget.
    One wonders what Libman has been promised by Harper to do this.

    • aremer

      It’s easy to throw shots while writing with an alias. Robert Libman did
      not say that “the Jewish population vote on 1 issue only”. By you
      conjuring up that statement alluding to support for Israel might become a
      wedge issue is a shot below the belt.
      Furthermore, your statement
      “One wonders what Libman has been promised by Harper to do this” further
      proves your ignorance of the political process. But yes, you did get in
      your 2 cents and yes, you did get to smear his name before he even wins
      the nomination to run for the party. I wonder if this is what to expect
      from you and your ilk once the campaign actually begins.

      Aaron Remer

      • TMR Jew

        Good luck to Senator Libman!

        • aremer

          Another anonymous shot below the belt. You are what you are.. a shadow of reality..


  • Diane Sweeney

    I would never vote for Mr. Libman. I lived in CSL years ago. He was willing to sell us all out to the bigger powers who had him on the Executive Committee with Frank Zampino, who is awaiting his day in court on charges of fraud, conspiracy, and breach of trust. He wanted to keep his fat cat job on the backs of us suburbanites. Then he comes out of nowhere without any past known involvement with the Conservatives. Mr. Libman, we won’t let you fool us twice!

    • Penny

      Clicking on your picture in your comment above shows you are a “PR Consultant” (ie. “Public Relations”) from the West Island. You have only 2 comments in it, both bashing Robert Libman implying that he is tarnished because of charges against other people who served on Montreal’s Executive Committee, even though Mr. Libman was not accused of or charged with any wrongdoing.

      Such smear tactics to try to deviously manipulate public opinion and declare someone “guilty by association” are deplorable especially when done by a “PR Consultant” who should know better and act fairly. And your statement that assumed Mr. Libman “wanted to keep his fat cat job” and (in your other comment) was a “Messiah” sounds like a disgusting stereotype calculated to stir up anti-Jewish sentiment and imply that Jews are only interested in money.

      Mr. Libman has worked honorably as an architect, Mayor of Cote Saint Luc, a municipal and a provincial representative of the people of his riding and as a business consultant and has been an advocate for human rights. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one should be allowed by any publication to maliciously and unfairly malign the good name of one of our citizens based on their conjured-up assumptions and spurious allegations, especially when he or she is seeking public office.

      From what I have seen, Mr. Libman has served the community with integrity, knowledge, sound judgment, levelheadedness, softspokenness, fairness and respect for all citizens. I don’t see any other candidate approaching the depth or breadth of his public service, business experience or qualifications. And I believe that should he win the Conservative Party’s nomination and the ensuing election, that he will be a worthy successor to Irwin Cotler. And that is what the people of our riding want.