• Oy Vey

    I think the camps should set aside payment they receive from the parents who pay the full fee towards subsidizing a child whose parents cannot afford to pay for camp. This is how the Jewish Day Schools are set up & parents agree to this when they pay for their child’s Jewish Day School education. Overnight camp (the cost of liability insurance, property taxes, payment of wages, kosher food, mashgiach, equipment, supplies, electricity, water, etc.,) costs about $2,500-$3,000 per child, maybe more, per monthly camp session. Within the Jewish tradition is Jewish overnight camp a privilege or a right on par with Jewish education? Are the Jewish camps mentioned in this article privately owned/privately run or affiliated with UJA Federation of Greater Toronto? Some of the campers who are less fortunate & less experienced will need more support financially & emotionally so more resources need to be allocated to help them have a positive & supportive experience. Let’s not forget the children who have medical, emotional, social & behavioural conditions whose parents may incur the cost of their therapeutic & recreational programs throughout the school year.