• TerrorIsEvil

    Who the hell are these leftist anti-Semites in the guise of righteous
    do-gooders to tell the Jewish people where they can live, what their legal
    boundaries are, where they can build, as they scream at Jews to not defend
    themselves from the same kind of jihadists in the PA and Hamas who are now
    killing Christians by the thousands in Syria and Egypt and throughout the
    Islamic world? The silence of this “church” about their Christian people is
    appalling. The collective silence from the Christian world and their complicity
    in the Holocaust is cause for generational mea culpas on the part of churches. They
    ought to be hiding their heads in shame for supporting Islamists attempting to
    do the same to Jews today as Christians did to Jews in Nazi Germany. This
    United Church was created by anti-Semites and there is no reason to dialogue
    with them until they quit their Israel elimination project with help from CJPME
    and idiot Jewish traitors in IJV and others in academe who are protected by institutions
    that are too cowardly or too invested in Jew hatred to stop the jihadists from
    taking over their campuses.