• TerrorIsEvil

    I wish Ms. Babij all the best. She has a tall task in front of her that will only be fulfilled if she can separate her role from the political miasma that surrounds her. She was up against some great competition that were among her equals and so the claim that she was “so superior” as a candidate is not quite accurate. Another inaccuracy is that the PR committee “are so open and doing amazing things.” Who told her so – the committee itself? The committee does need to become more active, less fearful of confronting challenges, more open to activists whom they have publicly berated in the past and more focused on the rights of Jewish people to live and study unmolested by Islamists and leftists on campus and in the community. I strongly agree with Ms. Babij who said that “the Hamilton federation needs to be more transparent” but this comment contradicts her positive impression of the existing situation.