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    This was my late father’s duty in the Polish army. When Hitler liquidated that army, my parents ran eastwards towards Russia and my dad gave himself up to the NKVD. They, in turn, drafted him as a Polish soldier to the Russian army.History
    Israel Ignac Feldman was the son of Jakub Moszek and Pisarek Rajzla Feldman. On 15 March 1936, Feldman was drafted for military service in the Polish army and enlisted in the 31st Infantry Rifles Regiment of Kaniowski at Lodz, Poland. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion under the command of Major Holowka and attached to the 4th Company under the command of First Lieutenant Jarzecki. He was discharged on 15 June 1947.On 1 October 1936, Ignac Feldman was promoted to the rank of First Class-Lance Corporal. On 15 September 1937, he was honourably discharged. He was called up again in 1938 for field exercises with the 18th Infantry Regiment at Skierniewice and was mobilized on 24 August 1939. Feldman was involvedin active operations in Skierniewice, Grojec, Garwolin, Zelechow, Ryki, Lubartow, Celestynow and Falenica between 1 September until 26 September 1939, when he as taken into German captivity in Falenica as a prisoner-of-war. On 20 October 1939, Feldman escaped from the prisoners convoy. He was honourably discharged from the Polish Armed forces while in Germany on 15 June 1947. That December, he immigrated from Germany to Holland. He later moved to Toronto with his family. Feldman was awarded the Army medal 1939-1945 for his participation in the Second World War.