• TerrorIsEvil

    Thank G-d for Caroline Glick and activists
    like Nitzana Darshan-Leitner because without them we would be left with
    the leftist “shrink-Israel-and-give-it-to-our-enemies” crowd. Even
    mainstream Jewish groups are fixated on the two-state solution despite the fact
    that in 70 years it had proven to be impossible and growingly dangerous to Israel’s
    survival. The continued emphasis on this failed concept has left Israel more
    vulnerable and more hated. Had Israel and the USA taken decisive action to
    enforce the laws of Israel on all those residing in former Mandate lands or
    negotiated with/pressured a fair deal with Arab countries who have
    refused to look after their own refugees after evicting and killing Jews and now
    Christians in their huge, resource-rich countries, then we would not be in the predicament we
    find ourselves in today. Time to change the channel and start an offensive
    against lies and a promotion of facts and truth missing from our do-nothing

  • Isaac

    Without citing where Glick finds any of those poll results – who conducted the surveys, what questions were asked, etc. – you are reproducing intensely suspect statistics that are dangerous and damaging to Jewish opinions of the Palestinian Other. I ask any reader to wonder how credible it is that 59% of Palestinians opposing the withdrawal of the IDF from Judea and Samaria – a clear majority of Palestinian families want to live under continued military rule, their lives governed by a power that is foreign to, and was not elected by them? And, if the statistic (whose accuracy, if not existence, is dubious) is intended to say something else, by just publishing Glick’s less-than-transparent framing of these “facts” without any questions or clarification signals poor reporting. Sadly, the consequences are far greater than just the integrity of the publication.

    • Maya12345

      59% oppose ‘unilateral withdrawal’ not plain ‘withdrawal’. Please improve your reading comprehension.

  • Scaramouche

    Glick gets it. Lungen…not so much.

  • Joseph Hewetson

    Israel has never been able to compromise which is why there are still huge problems today. Israel has always been your land? Prior to 1947 it was Palestine for over 1000 years. Israeli rights? What about Palestinian? I also do not agree with your stats, that more Palestinians want Israeli not Palestinian sovereignty – bullshit… Israel needs to start making space for their Arab brothers and sisters or they will continue to receive no support from those who see the world through a just lens.