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JDL partners with Soldiers of Odin on ‘ad hoc’ basis

Soldiers of Odin Canada and the Jewish Defence League have provided “security” together at protests. PEGIDA WATCH Canada PHOTO

The images of Soldiers of Odin (SOO) that have made the news and been circulated across the Internet are far from flattering. They purport to show members of the club – which has been labeled racist, extremist and Islamophobic – engaged in violence with anti-racist protesters.

Meir Weinstein has seen the images too. The organization that he heads, the Jewish Defence League (JDL), was present at the event April 1 at Nathan Phillips Square, in front of Toronto City Hall, jointly providing “security” with SOO, when SOO clashed briefly with the self-styled anti-racist protesters.

Weinstein believes the Soldiers of Odin have gotten a bad rap.

Both groups had been asked to provide security for Sandra Solomon, a Muslim apostate who has been a vocal critic of Motion M-103, the private member’s motion that called on parliamentarians to condemn Islamophobia and other forms of racism.


Anti-fascist (antifa) agitators – who are supporters of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel – provoked the altercation, Weinstein said.

Weinstein acknowledged that he had been concerned about potentially associating with what has been described as a racist organization, so he met with members of Soldiers of Odin Canada and asked them “pointed questions about the allegations.”

Weinstein was told that the group, which includes armed forces veterans, was avowedly anti-racist. In fact, one member of the organization was married to a Jewish woman, another to a black woman, he said.

“They disowned racism and they’re against radical Islam. If we found out it was all BS and they were racist, we’d have nothing to do with them,” he added.

Soldiers of Odin Canada have been in the news lately, as a result of clashes with members of an anarchist antifa group in Toronto and at an event in Vancouver.

News reports have indicated that the Canadian chapter of SOO has splintered with the original organization, based in Finland, which is anti-immigrant and a proponent of white supremacy.

CBC News reported last week that Bill Daniels, head of Soldiers of Odin Canada, called the group’s parent organization a “racist, unorganized, reckless wannabe thug collaboration.”


The group’s focus on Muslim immigration is apparent on its Facebook page. In a lengthy video, a SOO spokesman pays homage to Solomon, a Saudi-born apostate from Islam who is attempting to warn Canadians about the Muslim agenda. He goes on to say that the United Kingdom has seen a huge increase in its Muslim population over the past 11 years, and that the newcomers are advancing civilizational jihad.

“They’re following the code of the Muslim Brotherhood to a tee,” he said. “They’re infiltrating through refugees. Not all refugees are bad. Please don’t get me wrong. A lot of them need help. But all it takes is one. Look at London.” The latter was likely a reference to the knife and car attack outside the British Parliament that killed  five and injured 50.

Bernie Farber, a longtime observer of extremist organizations, doesn’t believe SOO Canada is anything but “an old neo-Nazi motorcycle club,” whose views are derived from a racist ideology and whose animus is aimed at the Muslim community.

He called the JDL’s association with it “a shanda (disgrace). I can’t even conceive of it. It takes my breath away.”

Farber, the executive director of the Mosaic Institute and former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said the JDL and SOO are brought together by a  shared “Islamophobic” viewpoint.

Weinstein said he had met with members of SOO on May 3 to plan security for another demonstration featuring Solomon, which was scheduled to take place at Nathan Phillips Square this past weekend, to protest M-103. Weinstein said he expects antifa protesters to attempt to disrupt the event.

Ties between the two groups are “ad hoc,” Weinstein continued, though he expects they might collaborate again in the summer, to protest the annual Al-Quds Day rally at Queen’s Park. That event was conceived by the government of Iran to oppose Israel’s existence and its control over Jerusalem, and has featured a number of speakers repeating anti-Semitic stereotypes and espousing violence against Israelis.

  • Jeff

    So basically the JDL is a vigilante group and police should treat it as such?

  • TerrorIsEvil

    I have always said that the pen is mightier than the sword but I also think that it is sometimes necessary to defend those who are targets of other radical groups – and Islamic extremists like the ones we see at Quds Day “rallies” are radicals.

    When will people like Bernie Farber lift his pen to criticize them?

    As our governments invite as many people from the bloody conflicts in Syria-Iraq-Libya-Turkey-Iran-Jordan-Lebanon-etc. as they can find, the makeup of Canada is changing quickly.

    The people coming here are being rapidly organized to transform Canada, change Canadian politics to be sharia-friendly and work to get as many of their own and their own sympathizers into all levels of government.

    That is smart (for them) and it also plays into the basic tenets of Islamic conquest which they have down to an art and science.

    Groups like B’nai Brith have been alerting us to these unwelcome changes but our own mainstream leftists still think that these changes and demographic shifts are good and that they will do the country good while giving them warm feelings by opening the doors to people in need.

    Sorry, that thinking is flawed. People who have been taught through their religion that Jews are apes and pigs do not suddenly change their attitudes when they reach Canadian soil. Sure, many of them are nice people and people who theoretically should get along because they too were victims of their own ideologies. But that too would be an error. Many are hard-core dedicated islamists. Most will get involved in politics on campus and in the community with very bad objectives (directed by the MB and Iran) with respect to Jewish people, Christians and others.

    I am not convinced that our government will stop real violence when it gets out of hand and do what it takes to make sure that the violent ideology is expunged from Canada.

    Until we take steps to educate people coming to Canada and insisting that they leave the violent tenets of their beliefs behind, we will be faced with two choices: 1) fight it or 2) be made into victims of it.

    The second choice gets worse over time. The first has important benefits and the potential to make great citizens of peace out of everyone.

    The first is only possible before it becomes violent if people are not stupid and blind and act right away. They cannot ignore reality and they must educate themselves. They must put political correctness aside.

    What choice would you recommend, Mr. Farber, #1 or #2? The time to get real and begin a dialogue to demand new Canadians be told both their rights and RESPONSIBILITIES is now.

  • Barto Sosa

    here’s one of the “soldiers of odin” who was working closely with the “jewish defense league” while openly displaying a nazi tattoo this past saturday at toronto city hall. he also has a nazi prescence on FB which the JDL has been made aware of, but doesn’t seem to care. they care more about their mutual interest in hating muslims i guess, so they’re strategic allies for now despite the seemingly suicidal nature of a jewish group partnering with white supremacists.






  • My Name Here

    The JDL truly is a shanda. Good for Bernie Farber for saying that loud and clear but it’s time for CIJA, Bnai Brith Canada and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to do the same and stop tolerating these thugs and miscreants. They should not be permitted in the March for Israel or at community events and we should not be hiring them as “security”.

    • TerrorIsEvil

      The “shanda” is allowing jihad in Canada to take shape in the form of Islamist and leftist marches replete with violence and hatred against the State of Israel, the only national home for Jewish people.

      The JDL at least care about Jews being wiped off the map in Canada. People who scream that they have no business defending Jews are either naïve or really do want to see Jews wiped from the streets when these protests happen. When streets of Toronto are overwhelmed and overtaken by angry, violent and hate-filled Islamists, Bernie Farber is at home writing articles about why our enemies have to be coddled and appeased at the expense of western society and explaining why the “right wing” (a figment of his imagination) is evil to defend Israel from a position of strength.

      Most of what the JDL does is symbolic but as we know, symbols are important. They have a right to protest within the law and to defend themselves and others within the law. I am not sure about the alliances they are making but in the past they have associated with scholars, activists and people who are concerned – unlike the leftists who are in cahoots with the Islamists and lend support to their “narrative” and ideology.

      I caution the JDL to make sure they are not abandoning their honorable objectives and disciplined approach to self-defense just to get more muscle.

  • G.S.K. herzak

    The JDL is a terrorist organization and its alliance with the likes of right wing white trash Nazis like the Soldier of Odin thugs is proof perfect of what garbage they are. Yesterday’s refugees become today’s hateful refugee attackers.