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JDL protesters disrupt U of T ‘Palestinian resistance’ event

Protestor holds sign that reds
Protestor holds sign that reads "Stop the stabbings of Jews" at U of T protest

Roughly a dozen protesters associated with the Jewish Defence League of Canada loudly disrupted – and temporarily halted – a panel discussion Jan. 12 at the University of Toronto titled “Palestinian Popular Resistance: Building the Student Movement.”

The protesters, a few of them wearing clothing marked with the JDL logo, sat scattered throughout the audience in the auditorium in U of T’s George Ignatieff Theatre building and, part way through the first speaker’s talk, several of them, including JDL Canada director Meir Weinstein, began shouting things like, “How many Jews do you want to kill?” “Terrorism” and “Anti-Semitism.”

The event moderator said she would apply a “three strike” system – meaning that after three outbursts, anyone interrupting the talk would be asked to leave – but none of the protesters complied with numerous requests to vacate the room, and the organizers eventually called a recess and cleared out the auditorium.

At that point, most of the protesters lingered outside the theatre building for a bit before heading home, while the bulk of the audience relocated to the OISE building on Bloor Street to finish the lecture.


According to its Facebook invitation, the purpose of the event, which was hosted by the U of T Graduate Students’ Union’s (GSU) boycott, divestment and sanctions committee and endorsed by the Students Against Israeli Apartheid group at U of T, was to inform attendees about “what is currently taking place on the ground in Palestine and what we can do on our campuses to support and continue building the Palestinian popular resistance movement.”

The panel featured, via Skype, Noura Erakat, a human rights attorney, assistant professor at Virginia’s George Mason University and a former national grassroots organizer and legal advocate at the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and, in person, Nada Elia, a member of the organizing committee of the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, founding member of the Radical Arab Women’s Activist Network and a former representative to the United Nations of the Arab Women’s Solidarity Association.

The JDL posted a call on its website Jan. 6 to attend the event to “confront and expose calls to murder Jews at U of T,” adding that “the word ‘resistance’ is a code word for murdering Jews.”

“What I heard tonight was a total justification for murdering Jews,” Weinstein told The CJN after the lecture had moved locations. “It’s unfortunate that this is happening on a university campus. Students are being indoctrinated to hate Israel and Jews, and [these groups] are giving full justification for what’s been called the ‘knife intifadah.’”

He spoke in reference to Erakat’s talk before it was cut short, which touched on issues such as Jewish settlers taking over Palestinians’ homes and the Israeli government placing restrictions on the movements of Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank.

Erakat also showed a clip of the so-called “wedding of hate” – the now infamous video showing young religious men at a Jerusalem wedding celebrating the firebombing attack on a home in the Palestinian village of Duma in July.

She noted, “I should mention that the Israeli government has roundly condemned this video… yet they continue to let settlers act with impunity.”

Erakat, who only spoke briefly before protesters interrupted her, said she’d read about the JDL’s planned protest of the event and declared, “Anyone who is here to object to calls to murder Jews, you’re wasting your time. But you can be here to gain from learning that BDS is not about calls for the murder of Jews, but for the liberation of the people of Palestine.”

Although a number of U of T campus police officers were present outside the doors of the auditorium, none got involved during the verbal altercation between protesters and event organizers.

On Jan. 7, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) sent out an email to its supports expressing concern about the event, writing, “For many Palestinians, the term ‘popular resistance’ – particularly in the current context – means acts of violence against Israelis. The use of this term by event organizers can reasonably be construed to endorse the current wave of Palestinain terror attacks.”


CIJA could not be reached for comment.

Shira Gelkopf, U of T’s Hillel coordinator, said Hillel sent a staff member to “monitor the event,” but stressed it and the JDL had no communication prior to or during the event.

She noted that Hillel submitted a formal complaint to the university’s vice-provost and urged the administration to ensure campus security was present.

A spokesperson from U of T told The CJN it told the event organizers they must comply with all university policies and ensure civil dialogue, and that campus police would be present.

The event organizers could not be reached for comment.

The GSU voted in 2012 to endorse the BDS movement, but last fall, the board of  the undergraduate University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) decided not to introduce a motion backing BDS at its fall annual general meeting.

  • Rob Green

    Kohl ah Kavod to these brave young people.

    • steve button

      Brave?? Hahaha!

    • moosehorn

      How ironic, when Zionists disrupt a pro-Palestinian event, are praised for their act of bravery, and when pro-Palestinians disrupt any pro-Zionist propaganda they are labelled as anti-Semitics.

      • Mother Nature

        It’s the rarity of the former and the million racist march of the latter

      • Daniel Moshe Johnson

        The reality Moosehead is that Edomites are animalistic in nature and lack a respect for free will expression. Hamas is a clear example of how a few murderers control an entire group.

        The Edomites in Canada are non patriotic and will be put in check each time they get out of line

        • moosehorn

          Idiots like you are showing more patriotism to Israel than to the great country called Canada. Don’t question my patriotism.

    • Jaclyn Barnes

      Rob,I agree with you one hundred percent and as,for moosehorn. The pro-Palestinians as you call them lets say what they are Jew haters,whose only aim is.To kill all Jews as many as possible and push us into the sea.Unfortunately here in Israel they have the best that they can,not get under Abbas.Jobs,education and citizenship.They even have from are stupid government electric and water.
      But they do not appreciate this they still listen to Abbas.They kill us then in turn they get killed until are government wakes up and starts taking,there citizenship away we will suffer.

  • Jon Hammond7

    Bravo to all JDL members that attended and disrupted the BDS pro-Hamas, pro-Islamo-fascist terrorism, anti-Israel event.

    Long live Israel, the only civilized country in the entire Middle East and the only true friend and consistently trustworthy ally to the West in that turbulent region of the world.

    • steve button

      In your juvenile fantasies that’s probably true. For normal humans? Clearly not…you’ll figure it out one day..

      • Mother Nature

        When will you study history (especially the history of the Islamist colonizers of the entire mideast and n.Africa) instead of believing lies and propaganda from the IslamoNaziNet

    • moosehorn

      Ask yourself: Was this turbulent region of the world so turbulent before the invasion of the Zionists?

      • Tommy_S

        Of course it was, read a history book. The Arabs there were murdering Jews by the dozens before the modern Zionist movement began buying up land. Most of the victims of the 1929 Hebron massacre were members of a Sephardi community that had existed there for 800 years.

      • Tony

        Seriously? Do some research of the region before 1948. It was not rainbows and unicorns. There were many organised massacres of jews, which is interesting since the palestinian talking points reject that there were any significant amount of jews in that region. Do not forget that the UN partisan plan would have given most of what is now Jordan as the arab state for those living in gaza and the territories.

        Simply put your statement is intellectually dishonest as it fails to address any issues present before Israel and blame the strife in the entire middle east on Israel. Both of those statement contradict history.

        • Borukh

          I’m afraid it is your understanding that is deficient, Tony. The organized and non-organized violence in which both Jews and Arabs in Palestine died and were injured took place AFTER the British established their rule there – ie. after WW1, And the UN Partition Plan had nothing whatsoever to do with the by then independent and sepoarate state of Transjordan (later just “Jordan”). The official Mandate for Palestine, endorsed by7 the League of Nations at the San Remo Conference of 1922 allowed Britain to divide the mandate into Palestine and Transjordan, which the Brits did and installed King Abdullah (the present king’s great-grandfather) as ruler. The country achieved de jure independence in 1946 and was fully admitted to the UN in 1955..

      • Mother Nature

        The Zionists can hardly “invade” their own indigenous homeland (study history and archeology). Arabs, also, have their own indigenous homeland in part of the Arabian peninsula (coincidence?). After the rise of Islam (the religion of no peace, even for Muslims) Arabs colonized, with jihad, the entire mideast and n.Africa. Surely you’re not so ignorant as to think that Arabs are indigenous to any tiny bit of Africa. Now they’re colonizing the once free west, through hijrah. Yes, they even have a word meaning colonization through infiltration. And you are riding the regressive wave to auger in the end of our hard won freedoms.

      • Mother Nature

        Deaths of people in the mideast caused by Islamists (none having anything to do with Israel):
        Iran/Iraq war, one million lasting 8 years
        Darfur genocide (about which you care nothing) 450,000 in 12 years
        Syrian civil war, 350,000 in 4 years
        Iraqi uprising, 250,000 in 4 months
        Al Anfal campaign, 200,000 in 3 years
        Conflicts in Yemen, 200,000 in 53 years

        And the Arab/Israeli conflict, 150,000 over 95 years

      • meqmac

        First of all, there was never any ‘invasion’ by Zionists: learn your basic history. Secondly, you write as if there was no history until about the late 19th century. The entire Middle East befrore then had experienced numerous upheavals, small jihads, rebellions, inter-tribal warfare, sectarian conflict, fighting between the Ottoman empire and Iran, between the Ottomans and the first Wahhabi/Saudi regime, pogroms of Jews, sectarian fighting in Iran (the Babi insurrections), and more. But the arrival of Zionist Jews did not spark off further upheavals. That started when the Ottoman empire entered the First World War on the side of Germany and lost, exposing the entire region to convulsions. Ignorant people like yourself, who have never read any of the history around this, let alone books in Arabic or Persian (both of which I read), are totally out of your depth. If there had been no Jews apart from the indigenous few, and if Israel had never been established, the Middle East would have fallen apart a lot earlier than it is now. Israel did not have any part to play in the creation of Syria’s Ba’th party or in the crises they created.

      • Daniel Moshe Johnson

        Zion pertains to Israel Moosehead; in case you didn’t know, Israel was overthrown long before Islam was thought about, the restoration of Israel is not a topic for debate, the issue is the 2 5 billion robotic Edomites that have added nada to the world

        • moosehorn

          Moshe, you said: “Israel was overthrown long before Islam”. It is so lame to justify the occupation by some myth narrative

          • Daniel Moshe Johnson

            The overthrown in AD 70 is not a myth, it is historical record, its is historical record that the Roman Emperor Hadrian created the term Palestina from thin air to curse Israel. I submit that you inquire into history and remove the hate and point your finger at Hamas and the billionaire leaders of the PLO who steal the foreign aid from those who need it. Why don’t you talk about the palaces Hamas leaders live in and there cronies in England, Holland, Tunia, Morrocco etc….

    • Daniel Moshe Johnson


  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Shalom Aleichem

    I attended the event as a member of the JDL, what I witnessed sitting in the audience was a display of anti-Semitic rhertoric within a democracy by sympathizers of murders and terror cell supporters.

    The proposal dust of propoganda is not a new one, what puzzles me is that many Jews and white Goya are being swept in as this ancient Roman (Vatican) land grab title has been allowed to continue and not be corned.

    This is in fact due to the Allied Forces, who erred greatly after the seize of the Ottoman fall, Israel should have been instituted back to its former estate minus Iran, Iraq; to name a couple of territories that are apart of ancient Israel.

    Instead, Israel was divided into new nations that are really non existent if we check the historical records; question, why did the Balfour create Syria, Lebanon , Jordan, Gaza and West Bank; the Ottomans didn’t deem it a necessity, why did non Arab powers think so.

    What’s interesting, is that we have in our world one of the most oldest entities in the Vatican, who are the recipients of ancient historical records, artifacts and deeds and old treaties that can declare it’s Emperors creation of the term “Palestine”- which has no connection to these Arabs who have created a movement based on the errors of Balfour and Israeli reluctance to deport and clear both areas ( taking no prisoners)
    by reestablishing Jewish sovereignty.

    This act must be done to end this false claim, for safety and for future. Sometimes folks need to pushed into their destiny, there is no future for the displaced Arabs who are dissidents Refugees of the old Ottoman Empire, it’s time for them to move on, and it’s time to expose the billionaire hierarchy posing itself off as as government ( PL – HAMAS which rhymes with Abbas, who coincidentally; just built a palace in Gaza.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson

    • steve button

      You are a jewish extremist…and your view should be understood in this context. Tbe truth is there is a large percentage of Ashkenazi and Sephardic communities that disagree. But even if that wasn’t true..as Canadians let me remind you of the values and laws that this nation represents…and to which you’re obligated to observe. If you don’t…you can be sure there will be Canadians who will ride roughshod over your extremism in OUR nation. Just a reminder..not that you’ll listen. Which is why a number of Canadians are working with law enforcement to so they have an understanding of the long and recorded history of terrorism used against civilians by jewish extremists. But if you’re willing to recognize the rights of Canadians to protest and organize against jewish extremism, then there shouldn’t be a problem. ..

      • Denise Rogow

        I’m a Canadian, braindead. Stop apologizing and appeasing Islamic terrorists who are murdering Jews on a daily basis as they have been doing for 1400 years. Get your head out of your ass.

      • Daniel Moshe Johnson

        You need to seriously wake up to the reality that is forming around you, your educational system has not only failed the Natives on reservations but I see it has also been spared, as your comment lacks any reality!

        You talk about Jewish extremist etc… and Jewish ethnicity as if you are a Rabbi sorting out descent or a synagogue consensus analysis.

        The JDL is a partner of law enforcement, the Muslim International Cartel is not, I advise you speak with Canadian intelligence agencies and they will inform you and others of what JDL does in Canada to assist, to inform, to address and to confront by legal methods the proxy destroyers of all democracies.

        Steve, its time to push the button on wisdom and elect it!

    • moosehorn

      The Balfour declaration/conspiracy was a horrible blunder and backstab that should have never happened, and extremist ideologies shared by biased Zionists like you are making the situation worse.

      • Mother Nature

        In 1884, the population of Jerusalem and the west bank was 85% Jewish. In 1948, Arab armies expelled all these Jews from their homes of thousands of years. After Arabs colonized Jerusalem in 1948, Jews were not allowed access to their holy places, which were used as urinals by the Muslims.

        • Borukh

          Where are you getting your data? The Encyclopedia Judaica (1st edition, 1972) states that the Jewish population in Palestine west of the Jordan River in 1880 was 24,000 out of a total of 480,000 (V. 9, Col. 297) – ie. 5% NOT 85%. In 1922, the Brits did a full census and reported 600,362 people, of whom 83,794 were Jewish – ie. 14%. But I do agree with your points about how the Jews living in the Old City and East Jerusalem and in the West Bank were expelled during the 1948-49 War of Independence. That was deffinitely ethnic cleansing of Jews!

      • Mother Nature

        9,000 Photos from 1800’s British Mandate of Palestine – with no trace of ‘Palestinians’

        • Borukh

          This is utter and complete nonsense! Read the section on “Israel, Land of – History” in The Encyclopedia Judaica (1st edn, 1972). And the British Mandate did not start until AFTER WW1 ended.

          • SamXie

            If you look at the 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica- fully digitized and on the web- there is no mention of a Palestinian people. many newspapers are also fully digitized now- if you google “Palestinian” in any paper before 1970, you are more likely to find references to Palestine,Texas, than to the holy Land

          • Borukh

            The 1911 Britanica is not the authority in this field. The Enc. Judaica is. If you read the relevant sections in Vol. 9 you will read about 18th C. Arab nationalism and what the Ottomans did to curb it (eg. bringing Muslim settlerts from the Balkans and the Caucassus who were not Arab to tray and dilute the Arab population – they are still present, known as Circassions). You will also find that there was Palestinain ‘branch’ of Arab nationalism, which for eg. established newspapers in what later became the Palestine Mandate, One of those papers was called “Filatine” – so there certainly were Arab people who thought of themselves as Palestinian Arabs even before WW1, although there was no such geopolitical entity as Palestine under the Ottomans, who wanted to suppress all forms of Arab nationalism, which they believed would lead to separatist movements.

      • Daniel Moshe Johnson


  • Berel Dov Lerner

    Amazing. Jewish activists actually behaving as aggressively as….all the other activists on campus. Why does it take the JDL to do this kind of thing?

    • BonniePrinceCharlie

      Because most Jews are still ghetto Jews and don’t like to upset the ‘authorities’ for fear of retribution. It’s exactly the same here in the UK.

    • Daniel Moshe Johnson

      The JDL youth participation expressed what the Charter calls rights and freedoms, just as the Edomites preached hate and held terrorist flags of the Tamil Tigers, Hamas and the illegal Roman title of Palestina; these acts by the Edomite happened on Canadian sovereign land, not one flag they possessed respecting the sovereign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Borukh

    The JDL folks interrupted a panel by shouting, yelling and creating chaotic disturbance, but NOT by engaging in meaningful challenging statements and questions of the panelists. Why am I not surprised, even though this was at a university? The JDL acts like hoods and attracts people who behave fanatically and not like intelligent people who have a different pov to profess. Why is that? Shabbat shalom!

    • Mother Nature

      The gangs of thugs on our campuses are not the JDL but SJP/BDS etc. 54% of Jewish students report verbal or physical assaults just for walking while Jewish. With your pseudo-altruism, it’s no wonder you leave that part out.

      • Borukh

        You are entirely mistaken, I worked on campus in an Ontario U. for 30 years and was active with the Jewish student society. We were never, never subjected to “verbal or physical assaults”. Are you serious — ASSAULTS? Are you counting name calling by a few hotheads “verbal assaults”? Where does your stat come from? Was it a properly done study or survey, or was it done by the CIJA or the CJDL? I repeat that in my experience it is the CJDL (Can. Jewish Defense League) who are the thugs. And their ‘leader’ is a man who has admitted on tv that he once was part of the American JDL which was designated a terrorist organization by the FBI.

        As for BDS, I do not agree with a general BDS, but I DO agree with BDS against the West Bank so-called “settlements”. They are illegal in international law, and most importantly, now that they contain over 389,250 Jewish Israelis (Dani Dayan, former chair of the Yesha Council, quoting data from Israel’s Ministry of the Interior, Jan. 2, 2015), and another 300,000 or so in East Jerusalem), they are more or less permanent.

        Israel’s East Jerusalem annexation was illegal in international law and not recognized by ANY other country in the world, including Canada (see Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Web age: “Canadian Policy on Key Issues in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”). The settlements are illegal as well (UN Security Council Resolution 446, March 22, 1979 and International Court of Justice advisory decision, July 9, 2002). For one thing they violate the 4th Geneva Convention (per UN Security Council Resolutions 452, July 20, 1979, and 465, March 1, 1980), which Israel signed in 1951. As the Canadian Policy states,:”Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The settlements also constitute a serious obstacle to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.”

        I note that the resolutions were passed by the Security Council not by the General assembly, and so have the force of international law, and indeed were not vetoed by any of its permanent members. The bottom line here is that Israel is in clear violation of international law and that a program of BDS against the settlements and East Jerusalem is a proper non-violent response to Israel’s unconscionable action since 1967 (cf. Gershom Gorenberg’s The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements, 1967-1977, Times Press. 2006). It aims at Israel’s illegal actions and not at the existence of Israel itself, which is the argument against a complete BDS.

        VERY sadly for me Israel is constantly shooting itself in the foot by its actions. My grandparents made aliya to then mandate Palestine in the early 1920’s. If they could not do that they would have been murdered in the Shoa. Israel MUST continue to exist, but it must function as a truly modern democratic country. Instead, it moves further away from that ideal and eventually will use up the goodwill it started with from the western world as a result of the Shoa, and it will find itself in chaos and darkness. It must wake up to the realities it is trying to deny.

        Sorry for the lecture!

  • SamXie

    The BDS response was hysterical- notice how a handful of activists in Toronto are now “Israel”? (My comments in parenthesis)


    Why is the BDS movement viewed as such a threat that it now constitutes the new battlefront in Israel’s war on Palestinian rights? (Using this logic, are you that threatened by pro-Israel activism that you need to shout down our talks?)

    On 12 January, I was invited to speak, along with Noura Erakat, at the University of Toronto. We are both Palestinian scholar-activists with a long-standing commitment to non-violent resistance and BDS organising.

    BDS is the Palestinian call for global solidarity in the form of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions on Israel until it abides by international law and end its illegal occupation, dismantles the illegal apartheid wall, treats all its citizens equally, and stops violating Palestinian refugees’ internationally recognised legal right of return. (There is no legally recognized “right” of return. BDS calls for the end of Israel as a Jewish state)

    Clearly alarmed at the prospect of having two seasoned speakers discuss ways to help end Israel’s violations of international law, the Jewish Defence League (JDL), which last year shut down a similar event organised by the same students, was hoping to disrupt, and ultimately lead to the cancellation of, our panel. The JDL created a Facebook page inviting people to voice their opposition to what they claimed would be “calls for the murder of Jews”.

    Why is the Jewish Defence League so afraid of two Palestinian scholars that they try to shut us down or drown us out, rather than listen to what we have to present? Why do Zionists and Israel’s apologists disrupt lectures on BDS, a non-violent strategy, and not “peace talks” or “the peace process?”

    As Erakat noted in her own speech, BDS is not even a radical movement, as it seeks only the implementation of international law. Why then is BDS viewed as such a threat that it now constitutes the new battlefront in Israel’s war on Palestinian rights?

    (BDS is a radical, fringe movement that calls for the end of Israel)

    Nadia goes on and on and on- with the over-arching theme of “But but but, I’m the victim… How dare the Jews fight back” You can find her comments on the web

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Shalom Aleichem

    Blessings goes out to the house of Zion, the lost flesh occupancy who think they are the Knesseth and think that Israel will allow the diabolical plo-hamas regime to continue to get away with lawlessness and think we will leave and give up! The Edomites and their seed face totally anilation; keep disturbing the sleeping lion.

    The JDL didn’t do enough to put in check the ignorance that has been allowed into Canada to fester. Islam must be abolished in Israel and in any democracy that wishes to maintain an ethical system without the irrelevant ideological travesty of Islamic teaching.

    Islam is a disease far worse than any medical condition, it’s has the ability to challenge insanity and those looking for a cause who try to weigh it a normal society; it never worked and will never work.

    Death brides, suicide grooms, idleness, non productivity, non patriotic, I can go on and on about the uselessness of the Edomites as a whole, whole have forged a standing and a false kingdom based in oil, a substance that should have been left undisturbed to maintain a green earth.

    Even material wealth can’t discipline an animal, a wig on a pig is still a pig, a rich Edomite is still an undisciplined Edomite who would sex goats and wed under age girls.

    I’m not shocked at the comments made by the white Goya, they too share much in common with the sand “niggers”, incest was common in non Jewish Europe for centuries.

    Back to U of T, U of T like all campuses is full of shit when it comes to what a should be allowed on campus and what goes against the Charter; hate speech is what that BDS night represented, and any time hate speech is unchallenged, we get closer to a Sharia run society with bullies, this is the Persian – Edomite world present.

    The solution can never be divestment, let’s see what the Edomite has contributed to planet earth, over 2 billion robotic flesh drone Jihad potentialist, who have added nothing to the world 0%

    To divest Israel means to take out your cell phone software and programs and melt down the plastic left or throw it in the garbage.

    Shall I go on about Israeli products.
    Let’s talk about Edomite divestment, they created nothing, so there is no divestment their.

    Now to JDL, a strong Zionist group that is not disillusioned about the sick ideology of Islam, the Edomite squatters in Israel, the disease of Islam, the serum – solution; JDL can not be brought by donations from the Jewish community to pay CIJA and Bnai-Brit like salaries nor from anyone that sympathizes because they suffer from a post traumatic genetic Holocaust syndrome unattended.

    JDL represents strength and is the most powerful active Jewish agency internationally. As far as a terrorist list, the US is a terrorist occupying corporation, so let’s me realistic about the FBI in its allegation. The world knows who the terrorist are 100%

    JDL US was labeled because non members were framed by the FBI because of Edomite and Russian influence, both bullying and arrogant dominating interest groups.

    The JDL will continue to lead and not follow:
    To the lost Kapos Jews and the white Goya who have never embraced blacks but loves the Edomite, find a cause that represents wisdom, strength, Torah and the greatest story of a people who encountered the creator of all things; and who all will come to know in the transmigaration.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson

    • moosehorn

      Moshe, you are a dangerous rabid beast who opposes decency, it hard to tell what kind of disease is infecting your brain , and I doubt you have any grey matter in your skull cavity.
      The likes of you and terrorist JDL have no place in Canada.

      • Daniel Moshe Johnson

        So you accept the MIC and organizations who kill innocents worldwide who oppose Islam, are you insane, your comments reflect that you are not well and deceived. You occupy a democracy but you don’t have a clue of what it took to create it and how many lives were sacrificed to oppose evil. Those who fought in WWII & WWI did not fight for ISLAM, I can tell you that, they fought to sustain the rights and freedoms of all, just like Israel does, try your bullshit elsewhere, it will not fly here. I’m not deceived nor displaced with Goys who don’t employ wisdom.

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Shalom Aleichem

    It’s takes the JDL because the foundation of JDL is in context of what a Jewish state should be and what the stance of a Jew should be, if he/she are really aligned to the covenant promise.

    The mural at York in a public university where Jews attend and Jewish philanthropy assist is disgusting, and it suprises me that JDL had Christian members who showed more concern that Jews. And let us not forget the brainless stance of the organization that has basterized the name of our great Sage, Hillel.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    To this character known as ” Moosehorn”…..

    I just noticed your statement, I have references and letters that show my commitment to Canada through my contributions to local non terrorist organizations, seniors, youth programs, disabled individuals and financial.

    Interesting, how you try to discredit me and not the Edomites who stood in Canada at York with Tamil Tigers flags, Hamas flags, the illegal entity of Palestina, Hezzbola a terrorist organization, note: not one Goddam Canadian flag was seen among the Edomites; how dare you insult someone who gives to the sovereign.

    Daniel Moshe Johnson