• rgoldstand

    “Can the issue of conversion and the attendant questions of who is a Jew and who is entitled to decide who is a Jew be wedges that push Diaspora Jews away from Israel?”

    G-d forbid that this be the case. If any self-identifying Jew who wishes to embrace the State of Israel feels themselves “pushed away”, I strongly recommend that they contact ITIM, a laudable organization that provides information and assistance with Jewish life cycle events in Israel. ITIM’s goals include helping ensure that Jews by choice are recognized as such by the State for purposes of Aliyah, marriage and (at the end of 120 happy, healthy years) burial. It is my opinion that these and other NGOs can help ensure that Israel remains a Home for all Jews – an opinion that recently led me to begin volunteering my services there (full disclosure).

  • Benjamin Kissin

    This is exactly what we should be doing as a people! Bringing people together rather than creating a hierarchy of piety or dividing each other! 

    I totally support the JAFI’s initiative in this respect, and would love to know how I can help out!