• The Kremlin have made being openly gay a crime in order to isolate and stigmatise a minority who weren’t disproportionately manifesting that behaviour in the first place. This was the rationale behind Nazis outlawing ‘Jewish propaganda’.

    To illustrate, if a government were to pass a law making it illegal for women to murder their husbands, it would analogously make people believe women are more likely to murder their husbands than husbands are to murder their wives. Otherwise, so people would reason, why would the government see fit to pass such a law?

    People will always support laws that protect children, and so laws like this manipulate them into believing that we are a danger to children, just as the Nazis portrayed Jews as “a danger to children”, despite the fact that they had children of their own, as do LGBT.

    Totalitarian governments, like those of Hitler and Stalin, and now Putin, always hunt down and eliminate intellectuals, in order to consolidate their grip on power. Intellectuals are generally over-represented in both Jewish and LGBT organisations – hence the latest move by the Russian one-party state, moreover, this is a blatant grab by Putin for the Russian Orthodox Church as a voting bloc.