• YourGrannie

    As a new member of the Canadian Presbyterian Church, I STAND UP TO DECLARE that I find the attitudes and actions of this Moderator to be both morally reprehensible AND Scripturally- and factually IGNORANT when it comes to this issue.  It makes me ASHAMED to be in his presbytery.  I hope to be able to tell him so to his face soon.

  • Vardit

    The Rev. is either very naieve, or full of it.  You cannot have a “balance of power” between the Pals and the Israelis as the Israelis are busy with getting an educaton, going into high tech, mastering scientific research.  While the Palestinians who have universities of their own, still keep on with their wish to annihilate the Jews with either Hamas or some other terror organization aiming mssiles into Israel. Oh and then there is the PA leader, Abu Mazen who claims the PA will be judenrein.  With that type of attitude – hatred –  will never win over progress.    Will somone explain that to Reverend Horst. Yavol!