• “We hope that no politicians would try to appeal to nativist or xenophobic sentiment that exists among a small minority of Quebecers.” (Rabbi Poupko)

    The jews ?

  • Seb Mercier

    As long as a corrupt group of people like the Liberal party can count on UNWAIVERING support of a large segment of the population, how can anyone expect democracy to be protected. Come on people! what kind of scandal will it take for Jews to vote against the Liberals? Please participate in democracy…

  • Krusty

    you’ve got to be kidding.. any intelligent jew WILL NOT VOTE LIBERAL.. its about time that the jewish community of montreal becomes part of the québécois family and OPENLY VOTE PARTI QUÉBÉCOIS. Geeez, what does it take ? a sign from God ?

  • doormat 70

    I live in Cote Saint-Luc, belong to the same congregation as Lawrence Bergman and my locker is near his at the Ben Wieder Health Club at the YM-YWHA on Westbury Avenue. I am also a staunchly pro Israel person. Mr. Bergman does not represent the constituents of d’Arcy McGee. We are the ones who elect him and having him spend most of his time posing for pictures with members of Israel’s leaders does me no good. I would vote Liberal if someone other than Mr. Bergman were running for the party however, not withstanding two phone calls today by Mr. Bergman’s committee asking for my support, I will not vote for anyone in this election. I will not spoil my ballot because then he would think that I voted for him; I want him to know that I did not vote for him or against the Liberal party. Hopefully, I will not be asked to leave the congregation because I have great respect for the members there especially, the Rabbi, Asst. Rabbi, President and the promoters of the Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel musicals held there.