• TerrorIsEvil

    CIJA is trying to court the Liberals at
    the expense of the Jewish narrative. They don’t speak for Jews and especially
    not for Israel. They speak to their own narrow political base and to advance
    their financial agenda. They seem to like the naive ISNA-connected lover of
    jihadists, Justin Trudeau, more than the proven record of a great Prime
    Minister who has done all in his power on the world stage to speak up for
    Israel. We ought to be asking why the narrative of the “Palestinians”
    has so much currency with these so-called “leaders” and why they lack any regard
    for the survival of Israel and the rights of Israel to its own land in
    Judea-Samaria and throughout all of the former British Mandate. Their friend, Peter Beinart,
    seems to think that the road to Israel’s future is more Islamic terrorists
    being allowed to enter and for them to be granted the right to take over by
    both democratic means and violence. Either they stand up for Israel or leave
    the activism business to those who will. Fence-sitters and people who want to be
    received in polite company by currying favor with their pro-Palestinian views,
    because those views are now the cause celebre of the left, endanger our people. These folks have distorted their own traditions, beliefs, religion
    and history by taking such cowardly actions and positions. CIJA and those who
    use the cover of leftism to promote their fake “heal the world” pseudo-Judaism,
    need to be challenged and de-funded. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqHtIN0K5VQ&feature=youtu.be

  • truthdareisay

    Peter Peter Peter… and pray tell what was the problem before 1967 you know 1929 1936, 1948, 1956 there were no “settlements” then. You lefties have to wake up sometime during your lifespan and realize problem not “settlements” but the fact there is a JEWISH COUNTRY in the Middle East disturbing a Middle Eastern Caliphate!!

  • Steve Matthew

    So let us look at a few facts. Jew-hating Arabs tell their own people that they will destroy Israel (a free Palestine from the river to the sea) but out of the other side of their mouths tell the West that really, all they want is a state of Palestine in the West Bank. Yet they were given this very land in 1947 but refused. They occupied this very land from 1948-1967 but spent all their time destroying evidence that Jews lived there. But both times they never, ever attempted to form their state. So why does Beinart believe them now? Why does he not understand that the Arabs are more interested in destroying the Jewish home than building a home for their people? Why do people like Beinart refuse to accept that Islamic Jew-hatred embedded in the Quran will NEVER allow Jews to have their own state? The promise of peace should Judea and Samaria become Palestine is an empty promise and those that believe it are empty-headed. This is Jewish land. It is the Palestinians who are living on land they do not own, not the other way around.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    It is amazing that the voices whom leftist Jewish organizations lend
    their support and engage in conversation are the ones that start from
    the assumption that “Palestinians” have a right to their own country.
    This is after Arabs have been continuously and repeatedly focused on the
    destruction of Israel. At some point, logical people would reach the
    conclusion that Islamists want to transform another country into a
    terrorist base to make their Jew-phobic goals a reality. If CIJA wants
    to argue the case for Palestine then they should change their name and
    do honest advocacy for Islam and the destruction of Israel.