• shloime

    DINA DI MALKHUTA DINA. if this cult and its leader were jewish, they would know that jewish law REQUIRES them to obey legitimate secular authorities, not lie and try to evade them. there is NOTHING “jewish” about their peculiar practices (such as burqas which seem to be based on arab custom, and which are not as photogenic as the young boys with payes), and pretending to be jewish does not excuse child abuse, including underage arranged marriages (which are also a clear violation of halakha), and beatings which violate secular law.

    if israel’s, new york state’s, quebec’s, and ontario’s legal systems all have a problem with the way they abuse members of the cult, it can’t be just prejudice, especially when NO other jewish group experiences similar problems. fleeing to such jewish “meccas” as trinidad and guatemala, suggests that they are the authors of their own misfortune, no matter how their lawyer tries to spin the media.

    it’s just unfortunate that their pretense of being “jewish” will reflect badly on the real jewish community.

    • Kavod And Kaved

      So by your logic Jews should have obeyed Hitler too, when he was the leader of Germany, and not fled?
      If you had studied Judaism, and history, more carefully, you would know that that level of covering was once required for women and girls under Jewish law and that halakhah does not itself object to early marriages, which were practiced into the 1800s by European Jews, as they were by European Christians. We disagree with them now (rightly) based on our better knowledge of development and greater need for longer education.
      Authors of their own misfortune? Tread carefully. Do you know how many people have said that about the Jews? That we were hated, persecuted and kicked out of every country, so there must a reason for it? Do you know how many in Europe (where anti-Semitism is rising) are already saying the same about the Roma? When people in cars throw bottles at the Amish, or torment them in other ways, is that also them authoring their own misfortune?

      We are so very quick to throw them under the bus of public opinion because they are so different from us…and to advocate them being treated differently, and deprived of the protections of the law that the rest of us enjoy. Oh yes, this incident will reflect very badly on the “real” Jews, whose commitment to both ahavat yisroel and the rule of law evaporates when inconvenient.

      • shloime

        are you trying to equate the prevention of child abuse with hitler’s genocide?

        simple and pure sophistry. what they are accused of doing is wrong.

        “the protections of the law that the rest of us enjoy” IS BECAUSE we don’t break laws and flee the country.

        and please drop the straw man arguments – my ahavat yisrael extends to jews in the entire jewish spectrum from secular to hassidic to litvish, and from ashkenazi to sephardi to ethiopian and even indian. it just doesn’t excuse a bogus cult (have a look at elbarnes/helbrans’ bio) that abuses women and children (see failedmessiah.typepad.com).

  • Joseph Hewetson

    why are these people being persecuted? – Denis Baraby I would question your ethics