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    • Joseph

      The newly elected Orthodox Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, Rabbi Ephraim Mervis, includes a women among the clergy of his Finchley Synagogue. Particularly in the field of women’s Halacha there has been an acceptance of female decisors. Women have long played a major role in Jewish education. Even London’s flagship Orthodox Hasmonean Boys Secondary School at one time had a female headteacher.

  • ☥ Elle Nora13

    Mazel Tov – this is good news.

  • I can guarantee there will be ill will felt by Rabbi Scheir’s wife, especially that she herself is trained as a Maharat
    there is nothing revolutionary about this, Chabad wives have been founding and co-directing their synagogues with their husbands for decades, they run programs, act as adult educators, speak publicly etc., Maharat Finegold seems like a wonderful modest woman, however woman don’t need liberation in the synagogue, most people don’t know that historically, the public reading of the Torah and the minyan were created by Ezra Hasofer to combat the rampant assimilation of JEWISH MEN who had returned from BAbylon with non-Jewish wives

    • Ezra instituted public readings? I thought it was Moses or Joshua

      • Lisa Liel

        Moshe instituted weekly. Ezra instituted Monday/Thursday.

  • Does she paskin halachah?

    • Rick Beiles

      According to the article – she will be given reshus to do so… It states “what she will be doing will be having the ability provide more answers to questions about Jewish law” which leaves wiggle room to back off – but it sound a lot like paskening Halacha is included…

  • Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll

    LIKE- Kol Hakavod

  • Lisa Liel

    Rachel is a nice person. I like her. But she will never, ever be Orthodox Jewish clergy of any kind.

    • Because you oppose the idea in principle? Or for some other reason?

      • Lisa Liel

        Because it’s a null concept. She can be a teacher, she can be inspirational, but Jewish clergy = rabbi, and that’s it.

  • Reb Yid

    Whether one approves or not, this is certainly representative of the growing split within Modern Orthodoxy. Whether they will both continue to be termed “Orthodox”, or whether the Left will spin off and forge its own identity, is an open question.