• fabrent

    “Women work, they don’t have time to put into these kinds of commitments.”
    Is dwindling participation of Jewish women in these organizations limited to National Council? Doubtful. But limitations on personal time alone cannot be blamed.
    When I returned several years ago to my native Montreal, I approached several longstanding Jewish organizations to volunteer my time and participate in their social/communal endeavors. Well, they might as well have a hung out a “do not disturb’ sign for all the (dis) interest they showed in my enthusiasm to join. In fact, two of these women’s groups told me there were no chapters in my neighborhood. I guess they never heard of taking the bus.
    Message received, ladies.
    However, I am sure that if I had “name recognition,” these groups would have been falling all over themselves to have me as a member.
    What’s the old saying in Yiddish? ” Viln min nisht, darf min nisht.” Translation: ” If you don’t want it, you don’t need it.”

  • Meir Flintstone

    I’m sure Patti Starr could help them with fundraising.