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Sunday, October 4, 2015

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Hamas texts threats to Israeli cellphones

Tags: Israel
Sheik Ahmed Yassin

JERUSALEM  — Israeli cellphone owners received text messages from Hamas threatening rocket attacks and kidnapping.

The four messages, sent on the 10th anniversary of Israel’s assassination of Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin, were delivered last Saturday evening.

“A warning to Zionists. Kassam rockets are waiting with you. If you want the life then leave our country,” said one message in Hebrew.

“Al-qassam has chosen you to be The next Shalite  … Be Ready,” read another message, referring to former captive Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit, who was kidnapped in 2006 by Hamas and freed five years later in a lopsided prisoner exchange.

The messages were also sent to government ministers and their spokespeople, as well as some journalists, according to Ynet.

It was not possible to call back the numbers from which the messages were sent.

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