• Jimbo01

    Canadian Jews, if only more were like you and I don’t mean just Jews. Well done!

  • mara v

    Yes, Mr. Goldfarb, it is all about inclusion. We have all been included in the 12.5 billion dollar deficit and a debt of almost 300 billion dollars. We have just rewarded a government for their consistent failures, scandals and incompetence. Your strong message to our Prime Minister is noted, though we here in Canada and Israel never had a better friend than Stephen Harper.

  • Jerrold Landau

    The Liberal bias of this writer is more than obvious. No trend about Jewish voting patterns can be derived from this election. In Thornhill, where the largest Jewish percentage in any riding exists, the Conservatives bucked the trend and won, albeit by a tiny margin. In York Center, the name recognition of Monte Kwinter causes many people to vote reflexively for the candidate rather than the party. Both York Center and Eglinton Lawrence have significant areas in which the Jewish population is insignificant. Has Mr. Goldfarb done an analysis by polling station in those ridings to analyze the trends? And in this election, many otherwise Conservative voters voted against the leader rather than against the party. Many Jews, particularly in the more traditional segments of the community, recall the malicious way in which the liberals treated the concept of equality in faith based education in past elections — and although this was not an issue in the current election, many will not so easily forgive the Liberals for their handling of that issue. In short, any trends that Mr. Goldfarb might see are seen through his Liberal red coloured lenses. There are many devoted Conservative voters within the province, both on a provincial and federal level. Many of us see the provincial PCs and the federal Conservatives as a comfortable political home, both with regards to domestic and Israel oriented issues.

    • Guest

      Thank you, Mr. Landau! Well said.

  • DantheMan999

    If Jews vote by self-interest, they will not vote for the Liberals who trashed the legitimacy of Jewish education while defending a continued privileged treatment of Catholic schools. Only assimilation Jews vote liberal, (though admittedly they are more than a handful).

  • Mike

    Marx has really got a hold of a lot of stupid Jews. The Ontario Jews have voted a dogmatic, ideologically driven, and corruption rife group of charlatans back into power. Shame on you, you communists. You never learn from history.

  • mara v

    Mike, I do not know how many Jews voted in this election. Not sure, whether some of them even know who Karl Marx is. After all, we live in a free country, and people can vote the way the want. I say: “Shame on on all of us in Ontario for electing a dysfunctional government, which failed us so many times”. I totally agree with you, Mike, that some of us never learned much from our past history. I was born in a a Communist country and immigrated to Canada many years ago. I can really appreciate what you are saying in this respect.

  • mara v

    And one more thing to comment on. Absolutely masterful campaign representing our newly elected Premier, including manipulation of the electorate, scare tactics through Union messages and their broad support. The opposition told the voters what they needed to hear, but did not want to hear. May be, it should be a valuable message for the opposition in the next election. Tell people what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.

  • Waffle

    What an unmitigated crock . . .

    I just horked up some nice, big, slimey hairballs for all the stupid, brain-ded Joos out there as well as a real gooey one for the Polyester Princess. Enjoy!