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Ottawa Vaad certifies first kosher medical pot in Canada

Marijuana plants
Marijuana plants

A Quebec company has received the first kosher certification granted to medical marijuana products in Canada.

The Ottawa Vaad HaKashrut announced on Sept. 19 that it is putting its hechsher on the processed medical marijuana products of Hydropothecary Corporation of Gatineau, which is licensed by Health Canada.

The products include Decarb, a ready-to-consume activated marijuana powder for oral use; Elixir No. 1, a cannabis peppermint oil in mist form; and its H2 line of milled products.

Vaad HaKashrut director Rabbi Levy Teitlebaum emphasized the stringency of the council’s standards and supervision, including an audit of cleaning protocols and on-site inspections throughout the year.


“This is a rigorous, independent, third-party certification process that goes from A to Z,” he stated. “Hydrothecary’s products not only qualify, but certification is gladly given because it’s important for what’s needed in this new sector.”

A public company incorporated in 2013, Hydropothecary is located on a 65-acre farm in Gatineau, across from Ottawa.

The Vaad’s hechsher, the letters VH within an O, will appear on the label of every Hydropothecary product that is certified, said Rabbi Teitlebaum.

On what the Vaad will do when the recreational use of marijuana becomes legal next July, he commented, “We will have to consider the ethics of using a product simply for enjoyment.”


  • fabrent

    This story has migrated from the CJN to other media, including two prime morning newscasts in Montreal today (Wed. Sept 20).
    With growing unease (and embarrassment) I listened to news reports about what exactly is kosher marijuana (free of bugs and contaminants) and whether similar certification will or will not be given to recreational dope.
    Do cigarettes need a hechsher? How bug-free is tobacco? What message are we sending Jewish youth with kosher pot?
    With mounting dismay, I watch as Orthodoxy accommodates itself to the 21st century, except where the rights of Jewish women are concerned.

  • Rex Humbard

    Sounds like Fabrent needs to roll herself a fat one.