• BigSticksWalkSoftly

    Only extremists view criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic.
    Would criticizing Canada or the US be considered anti-Christian?

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Muslim anti-Semitism
    is not on the radar screen of CIJA or of any leftist Jews who can’t quite figure
    out why Islamists want them dead. They think that it is a social justice problem
    when, in fact, it is an ideological problem with a religion (Islam) that is
    supremacist, and wants to conquer all others.

    There are 200 million dead
    since the inception of Islam that was caused by the conquest for supremacy.
    There is little doubt that the term Islamo-fascist aptly applies to extreme Islamists.

    The comment by BigSticksWalkSoftly is ridiculous. Israel can take and accepts
    whatever criticism is dished out but the question is why would you be dishing
    out criticism of Israel when Islamist terrorists who are immoral and without
    humanity want Jews dead? Is Israel not supposed to protect its citizens as
    Americans protect theirs? Where would you rather live, Syria or Israel? Who is
    engaging in endless killing and terrorism against themselves and us on a daily
    basis? Why do leftist Jews see need to criticize Israel but refrain from
    criticizing Islam and their Jew-annihilating objectives?

    The simple-minded will say
    that tikkun olam is part of the Jewish religion and that repairing the world is more important
    than defeating enemies…this is insanity spewed by the naive
    and ignorant who care little about freedom, justice and little about their own people and
    families but care inordinately about how they appear to the Jew-hating public… to the United Church for instance.

    • CJNAdmin


  • sasboy

    People have the right to criticize Israel and its abominable treatment of Palestinians. Perhaps people who whine about “anti Semitism” any time Israel is criticized should try living under Israel’s suffocating and repressive military occupation for just a few weeks and see why Israel Apartheid Week is a legitimate expose of Israeli abuses.