• Dave

    Kertesz is a racist old man. He called Hungarians “genetically inferior” and compared them to pigs swilling at a trough. Nice guy

    • heisenberg

      He did not say such a thing. If he did, he probably meant people like you.

  • Corrigator

    … and I suppose Kertész ranting about the HUngarians being murderous thieves who would envy anyone who is more talented and kill them given the chance, has nothing to do with how “discriminated and harrassed” he became lately. Of course, he was brave enough that when his dirt published in a US-based website became public knowledge in Hungary, he dismissed the criticism by saying that “it was not to be intended for Hungarian readers”. And it is no wonder that the “pro-democrady” (read utterly left-leaning) Hungarian Spectatpr and Eva Balogh, a notorious pro-Gyurcsány propagandist added their cheap shots following Kertész’s lies.

    • heisenberg

      Why do you keep lying about Hungarian intellectuals? How does that make you feel about yourself?