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Rebel Media star gets flak for ’10 Things I hate about Jews’ video


Recent video rants by a prominent Canadian conservative commentator about Jews and Israelis were “appalling and offensive,” the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) says.

But Canada’s two other leading Jewish advocacy groups did not respond to the videos: neither B’nai Brith Canada nor the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies would comment on the online harangues by Gavin McInnes, a star contributor to the right-wing Rebel Media.

During a Rebel mission to Israel from March 4 to 11 and on subsequent videos posted to YouTube and Rebel, McInnes recorded a series of caustic remarks about Israel and Jews in which he sometimes affected an exaggerated Israeli or Jewish accent.

McInnes, a co-founder of Vice Media, said Israelis have “a whiny, paranoid fear of Nazis.”

His Israeli hosts “assume we’re going to listen to all this s–t we get fed,” he added, “That’s having the reverse effect on me: I’m becoming anti-Semitic.”

Describing a visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem, “or as I called it,” he said, using air quotes “the Holocaust museum – no, I’m just kidding.”

He said he felt compelled to defend Holocaust deniers.

“I felt myself defending the super far-right Nazis just because I was sick of so much brainwashing and I felt like going, ‘Well, they never said it didn’t happen. What they’re saying is it was much less than six million and that they starved to death and weren’t gassed, that they didn’t have supplies,” McInnes says in one video.

“I’m not saying it wasn’t gassing. Please don’t take that clip out of context, but that’s what the far-right nuts are saying,” he continued.

“It’s like a liberal thing, it’s arguably a white thing, but it’s a Jewish thing to sort of dwell on the past. And this whole nation-state is talking about ‘Seventy-five years ago, my people were killed.’ Always the Jews, always killing us, we are the scapegoats.

“God, they’re so obsessed with the Holocaust. Yes, I know it was bad – don’t get me wrong, I’m not pro-Holocaust.”


McInnes went on to falsely blame Jews for the deaths by starvation of millions of Ukrainians under Josef Stalin. “I think it was 10 million Ukrainians who were killed. That was by Jews. That was by Marxist, Stalinist, left-wing, commie, socialist Jews.”

He also blamed “Jewish intellectuals” for influencing the treaty that ended World War I and paved the way to World War II.

McInnes later uploaded a video titled “10 Things I Hate About Jews,” which was subsequently retitled as “10 Things I Hate About Israel.”

The Times of Israel said McInnes was “apparently drunk” and “wearing an undershirt, [as he] stumbles down a Tel Aviv street ranting about Israel.”

He said Hebrew is “spit-talk,” which is “like Gaza – they’re launching little tiny missiles from your mouth onto your shirt.”

He also griped about Jews’ “whiny paranoid fear of Nazis” and that Israelis don’t support U.S. President Donald Trump because they’re “scared of Christians and Trump, who are their biggest allies.”

After returning to Toronto, McInnes recorded a video, apparently at the airport, in which he expressed surprise that endorsements of his earlier videos had been tweeted by U.S. white supremacists David Duke and Richard Spencer.

“I landed, and I’ve got tons of Nazi friends. David Duke and all the Nazis totally think I rock,” he said to the camera. “No offence, Nazis, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I don’t like you. I like Jews.”

On March 14, CIJA tweeted: “We love humour about Israel. But Gavin McInnes’ ‘10 Things I Hate about Jews’ on Rebel Media just isn’t funny.

“It’s offensive and stupid. If Rebel thinks this helps Israel’s cause, think again.”

Two days later, CIJA CEO Shimon Fogel issued the following statement to The CJN: “McInnes’ comments on the Holocaust and other issues, whatever his intention, were appalling and offensive. Just because one claims to support Israel doesn’t mean they are above criticism for repugnant diatribes that fuel anti-Semitism. A number of McInnes’ comments did just this, as seen in the fact that David Duke promoted his video. While McInnes has publicly rejected Duke’s support, this episode is the inevitable outcome of his inflammatory discourse.”

In an email to The CJN, Rebel Media founder and “commander” Ezra Levant said McInnes “is a provocative commentator and humorist. He’s not to everyone’s taste. But during the week I spent with him in Israel, I laughed more than I have since I was a child. Humourless liberals hate him, but Israelis seem to love him.

“He did a comedy show in Tel Aviv that was standing room only, and people stayed for two hours afterwards to talk with him.”

Levant added that the trip, which took several Rebel personalities to Israel, was “like all of our trips, 100 per cent crowdfunded. We accept no funds from any government, foreign or domestic.”

Levant told the National Observer he didn’t think the “10 Things I Hate About Jews” video was anti-Semitic. The “entire shtick could have been delivered by a comedian in Tel Aviv.”

Levant also said McInnes “is not a Holocaust denier. I just spent a week with him in Israel. I’d call him a bit of a Jew-lover.”

In a March 14 article in the Walrus, journalist Michael Coren called McInnes’ remarks “repulsive and disturbing.”

Federal Conservative leadership candidate Chris Alexander, who has appeared on The Rebel, tweeted his agreement, saying, “No more Rebel Media events for me.”

Kellie Leitch, also a candidate for the Tory leadership and whose “Canadian values” test for newcomers has been endorsed by Rebel Media, called McInnes’ comments “inappropriate, unacceptable, and un-Canadian.”

Leitch added that under her plan, “if Mr. McInnes were not a Canadian, he would not be allowed into the country.”

A 2003 New York Times article quoted McInnes as saying: “I love being white and I think it’s something to be very proud of. I don’t want our culture diluted. We need to close the borders now and let everyone assimilate to a western, white, English-speaking way of life.”

  • Shum

    Cancel your subscription to Rebel.

    • 8ball

      No. MacInnes was trying to be funny. He failed but The Rebel is a stalwart at defending against The Hijra which is the real threat to Jews and Christians alike.

      • TerrorIsEvil

        I agree, he failed. Most of his shtick is not hateful but I am tired of having EVERYONE look at Jews and Israel under the microscope and making fun of Jews from the left and the right.

        McIinnes is right that Israelis on the left, just like all other leftists, cannot admit nor see that radical Islam is the enemy of us all though radical Islam has declared itself the enemy of Jews, Christians and all others. Many wars and a long history of savage terror attacks should tell the leftists something is wrong. Period.

        When I called this stupid harangue hate speech in my first post, I was reacting to the ease with which people find it so inviting to criticize Jews once again – using bad humor or not. Maybe we should take this unwanted attention as a sign that people do not find us to be violent or threatening as the left try to make us out to be – the campus Islamic groups, the dumb academics, the purposely misleading leftist media and the fake do-gooders in the churches who think that they will get to heaven by damning the Jews.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    I would recommend Ezra distance himself from McInnes and condemn his hate speech.

    I am fully aware that people view things along party lines and party issues and where one is positioned on the political spectrum continuum. This holds true for the right just as it holds true for the left.

    I have always examined the world issue by issue. That way one does not end up supporting a crazy on the right just because he/she supports your causes or supporting a crazy on the left just because he/she supports a range of hot-button left-wing issues.

    Antisemitism cuts across many lines and one can’t pin it down to a left-wing or right-wing agenda; however, now the left-wing crazies are far more numerous and much more shrill when compared to the extreme right-wingers.

    The problem is that on the craziness meter, moderates on the left register off-the-scale – the same as extremists on the right. Right wingers do not approach anywhere near the left’s popularity, presence and support which is the result of ubiquitous left-wing media support for the left.

    • Shum

      The problem with the Jewish right these days is they seem to think anti-Semites are fine as long as they hate Arabs more than they hate Jews and support Israel as a result. Same with the “Christian Zionists” stalking horse, many Christian Zionists hate Judaism and want to convert Jews to Christ but fools like “Dr” Frank DImant are happy to accept honourary degrees and money from these clowns in exchange for selling Jews down the river.

      • TerrorIsEvil

        I respectfully disagree. I am one of those on the right when it comes to Israel’s security and survival. The left actually want Israel to fail, the right do not.

        The left want it to fail by forcing it to become a small and indefensible Israel surrounded by vicious terror entities bent on killing Jews and replacing Israel with another Islamic state (of which there are far too many that punish their own citizens and make war with their neighbors). The Arabs are still officially at war with Israel – why?

        Anyone, Christian, Jew or other, who wants a never-before-seen “Palestinian State” is saying (from the safe distance of Canada, Europe or the USA) that Jews do not deserve their own country and that Arabs must be empowered to destroy what Jews have built on that same location began 3300 years ago once again in the 20th and 21st centuries.

        The idea that friends of Israel are enemies in disguise is ridiculous. Yes, some are meshugenah, but why do you go after real friends tooth and nail rather than real enemies and people shooting real bullets, setting off real suicide vests, firing real rockets into Israeli towns, threatening Israel with real nukes?

        It is pathetic how the left find any excuse to tear apart people they consider to be right wingers just because they must follow the script of the left-wing media, the big funding campaign for Israel destruction, and the politicians who they venerate because they like their hairdos or other nonsense.

  • jim patterson

    the rant was meant to be funny

    • TerrorIsEvil

      I got it… but most people do not – especially non-Jews who do not need much to make them hate Jews even more than they do now and then form hate groups against Israel and hold hands with terrorists on campuses Canada-wide in their efforts to excoriate Israel and damn Jews.

      I wish that people were less thin-skinned too but after all these centuries of having our skin ripped from our bones it is often hard to watch this kind of humor when you know that
      there are many idiots out there who will ingest it verbatim.

  • Harry Abrams

    It’s a little difficult to get a sense of what the fellow was on about by CJN pulling out little quips here and there. He’s doing edgy comedy, like Lenny Bruce used to do…. 1/2 a bottle of scotch under your belt type comedy. McInnes is out to take the piss out of the haters… Haven’t any of you seen the movie Borat? So that’s why neither B’nai Brith nor the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal got all excited over this. Not an Ezra Levant fan, but I saw some of the other videos in this series, and they were actually OK, and hit things positively from angles seldom seen. But anybody who thinks they’re doing Jew or Israel hatred, just didn’t get the joke.

    • George Aaron

      get real– todays left is very anti jewish –and most Jews support it

  • Lets start with a fact.The evidence shows that Israel is a racist state. Israel is also a fascist state with no constitution so that the elites govern as they please.

    • TerrorIsEvil

      Show us the evidence: Is it because Isreal has 1 million Muslims living in Isreal and about 1.5 million living in Judea-Samaria and self-governed Gaza (cleansed of Jews)? Does it bother you that people from all cultures, races, countries, religions live with Isrealis? Is it because Isreal DOES NOT practice official discrimination against Jews, as do the Islamic countries, terror groups and entities that makes you so upset and has you delivering lies about Israel?

  • Wrinklyyyyyy

    What a whiny far-right SJW. Sad!

  • joelhfx

    A blatant overeaction that makes me re-think everything I thought I knew about Jews and everything they insist we believe. I will be reading about anti-semite points of view to see just how crazy they really are. . .