• Lubomyr Luciuk

    28 March 2013


Mr Love’s allegation that the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association has
    “been pushing for the Holodomor to be given equal space with the
    Holocaust” in the taxpayer-funded Canadian Museum for Human Rights is
    simply untrue. UCCLA has always maintained that all galleries in this national
    museum should be thematic, comparative, and inclusive in content. We have also
    opposed elevating the suffering of any community (including our own) above all
    others. Mr Love’s comments on the demography of the Holodomor are equally
    troubling – the most recent evidence (being prepared for publication by
    Harvard) points to as many as 4.4 million Ukrainians perishing from hunger in
    the first six months of 1933 alone. Why anyone in 2013 would keep trying to
    lowball the direct losses Ukraine suffered during the Great Famine of 1932-1933
    is something I leave for your readers to ponder.

    Lubomyr Luciuk, PhD

    of Research (UCCLA) – Ottawa

  • jamesmace

    This so called “museum” simply continues to do the dirty work of Duranty by trying to keep Comunist Genocide shoved into the memory hole.
    If one were to understate the toll of the Shoah, it would be prosecuted as a felony in many Western countries. How then are we to accept a “museum” which trifles with the 10 million forgotten souls in Ukraine or the 50 million in post war China.
    A proper museum would detail the genocide of the Communists starting in 1921 with Trotsky and Lenin’s diverging famine relief away from Ukraine. It would continue through the 20’s with details on the targeting of the German-Ukrainian Amish and Mennonites who had colonized the Black Sea area generations prior. Some 1.5 million were killed before WWII and in fact this gave rise to Hitler following the outrageous bribe of $1mm to Stalin to allow the release of the remnants of the Amish in 1930.
    Canadians of Chinese descent should be the most outraged. The Kremlin set up Mao in the 20’s to raise the genocide bar and this venture plumbed new depths of depravity.
    Shame on the museum organizers for trying to keep the Communist genocide of 100 million a secret.

  • Lubomyr Luciuk

    Suggesting that the Ukrainian Canadian Congress supports the CMHR is also questionable – go to:


  • Lubomyr Luciuk

    Correction: Most (but not all) of the 4.4 million Ukrainians who perished during the Holodomor of 1932-1934 did so in the first six months of 1933; this total number includes direct losses, that is from hunger & related diseases brought on by malnutrition (3.9 million) and 0.6 million indirect losses; it does not include Ukrainian losses outside the borders of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Soviet Ukraine) – there were significant communities of Ukrainians living in the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (RSFSR), i.e. in adjacent regions like the Kuban, who also perished during the Holodomor. Figures for famine victims do NOT include losses resulting from collectivization, dekulakization, and forced population movements (to the Gulag). Collectively, these Stalinist measures were categorized by Dr R Lemkin, the “father of the [UN] Genocide Convention,” and the man who originated the term “genocide.” as a classic example of a Soviet genocide against the Ukrainian nation. Professor Norman Naimark makes some interesting points about these issues in his book, “Stalin’s Genocides.”