• Asher

    I am curious why the dateline for this article (Wednesday March 14) is in the future…?

  • Rrathauser

    I passed this along to my son who is a student at McGill University in Montreal.  Next Saturday afternoon he’ll be going along with some friends to buy some new shoes on Rue St-Denis.  Hopefully many others will join him, if not on Saturday, then on other days of the week.  When I’m next in Montreal (in April), I intend to do the same.
    R. Rathauser, M.D.       Belle Mead, New Jersey

  • curls1

    I will be attending the Civitas convention in Montreal early in May.  I plan on picketing the pickets.  Let’s see these Arab baffoons try and push around a 300 pound guy.

  • What is needed is leadership from Montreal’s City Hall. The Mayor, accompanied by the Police Commissioner and perhaps other city officials, high ranking business leaders should come to the St. Denis shopping district on Saturday and shop at any store which is being harassed by these street thugs. That’s what a real leader would do: take a stand to do the right thing and not pretend nothing is happening. And if the Mayor shows no backbone, then perhaps the Jewish community’s leadership should organize a rally at City Hall on Sunday, a slow news day, to bring attention the inaction of the city to protect these business establishments.

  • Sharpestick

    Where is the business community? Where are the muslims with integrity? Where are citizens who care about their freedom to purchase legally imported products?  

    Shame on the ‘good people’ of Montreal, who stay home on the next Saturday afternoon. 

    There ought to be HUNDREDS of freedom loving counter-protesters of all shoe sizes and backgrounds stuffed inside that store this weekend, each considering at least one item for purchase!