• TerrorIsEvil

    Jewish groups must stop lobbying to restrict the free speech of
    others and begin to develop other strategies that involve activism
    against our adversaries.

    It seems that CIJA and others frown
    upon activism – as if defending Jews and Israel were anathema to them.
    They demonize groups like the JDL, people who actually have feet on the
    ground and do us proud with their strength and determination.

    If truth is not the most important acid test for the Supreme Court, then
    what is? Political correctness? As governments change, so do their
    targets and although we have a very staunch supporter of Israel today in
    the Conservatives (who Jews have given ambivalent and equivocal support
    at best), what happens when the NDP or Liberals are in pwoer (under a
    Trudeau who honors and supports the worst sectors of Islamists in
    Canada)? Then the arbitrary decisions by the courts and the political
    appointees and has beens in Human Rights commissions will not look so
    good to CIJA. CIJA must get behind students, get behind activists (with
    no-strings monetary support) and end their mandate to appease and
    silent. Leadership is more than political shmoozing, big salaries,
    luxurious buildiungs, equisite dinners and visiting high-profile
    Islamists as a strategy to show off their political prowess/acumen.