• Bob Vance

    Jews want to be able to criticize Islamic politics, but will label anyone who criticizes Israel an anti-Semite, which in itself is against the law in some places.

    • TerrorIsEvil

      Jewish world population (after experiencing one Holocaust and many pogroms and endless antisemitism) = Approximately 15 million. Muslim world population = 1.8 billion. It is illegal to criticize Islam in most of the 56 Islamic countries in the world under sharia law. Do you want to add Canada as a country where it is illegal to criticize Islam? It is not illegal in Canada to criticize Judaism and Israel or else you might be in jail by now!

  • Darryl R Taylor

    The term in question needs to be better defined, but part and parcel of determining a classification of acts or deeds that are “across the line” is the requirement that actions that are along the same vector while remaining within acceptable bounds are also at least roughly defined.

    For instance:
    ‘Islamophobia’ – an irrational socially transmitted hysteria regarding the religio-cultural institution called ‘Islam and it’s adherents (Muslims), typically exhibiting elements of tribalism and xenophobia and prone to expansion along axis of visible ethnicity or regional origin, a highly virulent memetic complex whose propagation is amplified via digital information media platforms by both opponents of Islam and a portion of it’s extremist adherents (qv “Gray Zones”).

    ‘Mislamic’ – Having or expressing a dislike or distrust of Islam and/or Muslims, whether with cause or by innate prejudice; distinct from ‘Islamophobia’ in that it is amenable to reasonable discourse, allowing of revision based on evidence regardless of the source of it’s core bias, and protected within Canada law in it’s expression by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a legitimate element of public dialogue within a free, open, and democratic society.

    Either definition could easily be shortened to the first line of the above with the additional information forming part of a disambiguation.

    With the introduction of a generally defined range of Charter protected commentary and/or criticism of Islam as distinct from the socio-mimetic phenomena that is of legitimate concern to Muslim Canadians and non-Muslim Canadian supporters of the proper intent of Parliamentary Motion M-103 (including both those specifically supportive of Muslim’s Freedom of Conscience and Religion within the multicultural context of Canada, and those supporting based on general principal the rights of ANY Canadians), only one small alteration is needed to that motion in order to quell concerns about Sharia Law taking precedence over the Constitution Act while addressing the fears of those affected by that phenomena:

    Removing the existing references to ‘Islamophobia’ and inserting ” . . . for example, the current spread of Islamophobia, the historic and current existence of anti-Semetism, or lingering colonial prejudice against the indigenous peoples collectively known as ‘First Nations’ within Canada”.

    Seriously, end of argument, right there.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Bob: Israel is the most self-critical country in the world with the freest of presses and, as it turns out, it is the country most criticized because it is held to a higher standard than, say, Canada where most of us have been for under 150 years and yet we do not call ourselves “occupiers” or “colonialists.” Jews have had an unbroken 3000+ years of habitation in the same place and whether you like it or not, the Jewish Bible and the Christian Bible take place in Israel long before Islam.

    Will we be happy when the TDSB curriculum favors Islam in the same way the separate school system favors Catholicism? How does that contribute to a multicultural Canada to be dominated and have sharia and jihad protected and forced upon us? How does it help us to have non-Islamic religions and politics excoriated in the curriculum because Muslims find our religions offensive and unbearable and theirs the epitome of perfection?

    There are a lot more problems with the new curriculum than outlined by BB. It is an attempt to islamicize the curriculum and an attempt to appease at the expense of freedom.

    Teachers are not allowed to discuss religion, sex and politics with students outside of the curriculum, which is fine with me, and yet the TDSB is trying to do an end run around students and parents by having Islam promoted in the schools and what they want to proselytize is a completely whitewashed version which does not reflect truth and reality