• Zal Press

    I’d like to repost this story on our website. Coincidentally, I’m also a client of Sam’s firm. The site is the most diverse collection of patient stories that enrich our understanding of the lived illness experience. http://www.patientcommando.com. Sam’s story is important – helping him survive is also. Thanks. Zal Press

    • Jeff

      go ahead, just credit The CJN – Jeff Rosen

  • Aubrey Goldstein

    I had a liver transplant for PSC 14 years ago. There are many somewhat incorrect statements in this article. But the fact remains that this is a terrible fatal condition that affects a lot of Jewish people. As well as many others of various faiths and backgrounds. I hope Sam gets a transplant before he no longer is well enough to survive the procedure. But he should consider a living donor transplant. Perhaps his sons or someone in the community in Toronto is a match. Best of luck.

  • Marilyn Wise

    I was incorrectly diagnosed with this same disease in 1996. For 3 long months my family believed that I urgently needed a liver transplant. Fortunately,the diagnosis was wrong, I wish for Sam that a donor comes forward and a wonderful result happens for your family. Susan I’ve known you for years through Leo Baeck and you are a terrific woman, I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for your family. I wish all of the Marr family a Happy and Healthy New Year. Best of Luck.