• Georges Bund

    Mr. Celikcan’s assertion regarding Necdet Kent’s having boarded a Nazi deportation train has never been proven by means of independent and objectives evidences.
    A few years before his passing, Mr. Kent presented his self-testimony, but it was never corroborated, neither by survivors nor by historians.
    It is a pity that such a serious newspaper publishes such a baseless assertion which is meant to serve the interests of the Turkish propaganda apparatus.

  • Ibrahim1976

    Georges Bund, please check your sources of information before commenting. His Excellency Necdent Kent’s actions are well documented both in Germany and Turkey. In addition to this there were a train load of Holocaust survivors who witnessed Mr. Kent’s actions. 

  • Evilsavta

    The movie was well done and shows us that in one of humanity’s darkest times, there are those who will do what is right regardless of the consequences. However, if we are to believe the assertion that ALL Turkish diplomats saved their Jewish Turkish citizens, following a directive from Ankara (implied in the movie) then where are all those survivors from Thessaloniki, Sarajevo, Rhodes, and the other Jewish communities in Europe and the Balkans? Certainly there were Turkish diplomats stationed in those areas. In the late Professor Arnold Reisman’s book, An Ambassador and a Mensch, a different picture emerges….one that shows that the determination to save Jews of Turkish heritage in France came not from Ankara but from one man, Ambassador Behic Erkin. Certainly, Ankara “looked the other way” for a while, but it was Erkin who made the decision, Erkin who stood up for his citizens and stood against the Nazis.