• PeterL

    Here we go again with the «anti-semetic» tune.

    contribution to this article shall be in the form of suggestions to this
    article which needs serious rectifications.

    First let
    us clean it up a little. First unfounded insinuation appears in the quote from
    CIJA at lines 4 &5 «animosity and prejudice against Jewish Community»

    critics were towards Israel …not the jewish community and where do you see
    animosity and prejudice towards the community as such. Proof and demonstration,

    This is an
    accusation that should be substantiated or removed.

    Luciano Del
    Negro does not carry a big stick in these parts nor anywhere else in this

    Then Parag.
    3 Quotes are somewhat made out of context, and this is, in my opinion, done  voluntarily so to amplify and distort his comments.

    This should
    also be rectified, if you care for truth.

    Gendron made a comment about the existence of Israel BUT as a country that
    steels land and practices Apartheid, as South Africa did, and eventually led to
    its collapse, and in such a context Israel had not yet collapsed for these same

    On that
    matter I support his comment but with this addition. Any country that behaves in this manner should not have the right
    to exist, and that, without offence,  includes Israel.

    Lets move
    down to De Negro’s charges. «Constant incitement against jews….»

    Unfounded  and pure propaganda. Provocation and  again empty accusations. Prove and

    Then to «
    Under the pretext of criticizing….the oldest antisemetic clichés.»

    Here it is
    the unavoidable, over used and point deserving comment, now ignored and soon to
    be ridiculed as THE ultimate argument.

    I challenge
    you to demonstrate, support  and prove
    the «antisemetic»  character of his

    And this
    also applies to Mr. Fegelman’s comment on «hateful invectives»

    Hate is a
    serious crime and so is defamation. M. Gendron should challenge this unsupported
    statement, he is a lawyer after all.

    Inflating and
    distorting the debate cannot help the cause, not yours anyway, so let us keep
    our tempers down and pursue this matter in a civilized way, then we will get

    By the way
    take a peek at Vigil.net here


    and also usefull


    Bonne Journée.