• Cromvan

    I am surprised, and what is this:



    You want make people blind for political reason.During nazism from 1930-1940 many people undermined nazism because political reasons( they fight communism.)

    Are we going to do same mistake?

  • Roman Serbyn

    The venom of Klu Klux Klan dripping from aion29’s comment is a very inappropriate comment on the report concerning the visit to Canada of the eminent Jewish-Ukrainian leader Josef Zissels. While Klu Klux Klan bigots disguise themselves with white hoods, aion29 hides behind a meaningless series of letters and numbers. If this troll were really looking for antisemitism, he would do better to listen to the celebrated Russian singer Jeanna Bichevskaia’s rendition of The Russian March, while paying particular attention to the history of Russia that it illustrates:

    Жанна Бичевская – Марш Славянки и Русский марш

    (Note especially the anti-Semitic messages, on the sound track, at:
    3:05-3:25; 7:15-7:25; 9:20-9:30 min.)

    Some passages:

    Русские идут не только Русских защищать.
    Русские идут любимой армией помочь!

    Русские идут вперёд сердцами высших проб!
    Русские плюют на власть Америк и Европ!