• Winnie Frank

    I would question the motives of the reporter from the Ottawa Citizen writing this 4 years after the report was taken down. Why 4 years later is he attempting to stir the pot, could it be that he is simply anti Harper anti conservative using this as a means to stir it up. nah… couldn’t be could it.

    • AlanInSF

      Because the widow of one of the victims came to them with the story of the removal, which apparently had not been previously reported.

  • Bukko_Boomeranger

    User 1014 would do better to question the motives for why Stephen Harper values the tender fee-fees of Bibi and the colonialist Likud government more than the survivors of a Canadian soldier.

  • Nick

    This is what Kruedener’s widow says about the case:

    If 6 hours of artillery shelling was an operational error – and bombing a UN bunker was an operational error – what are the odds that two operational errors (land and air) occurred within an hour of each other and in the same place? Keep in mind, that the UN Patrol Base was a solitary structure; not surround by any other buildings; painted white; marked UN in big, black letters; flying a UN flag; well mapped; and located in exactly the same place for more than 30 years!

    There is much more damaging information pointing at Israeli culpability, if the New Zealand Herald is to be believed:

    … Jane Holl Lute, a deputy head of UN peacekeeping operations, told the Security Council behind closed doors there were 21 strikes within 300 metres … including four which scored direct hits … Firing continued during the rescue operation, “despite repeated requests to the Israeli Defence Forces for an abatement”

    … Irish army officer … warned Israeli forces six times that its strikes threatened the lives of the four observers

    … Lieutenant Colonel John Molloy, the chief UN liaison officer … told the Israelis on six separate occasions “that their bombardment was endangering the lives of UN staff in south Lebanon”

    … In New York, Holl Lute and UN Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown telephoned Israeli UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman and his deputy half a dozen times to convey the same message, UN officials said. “The base is clearly marked, a well-known. well-established position for a generation”

    Israel could be mistaken for an out of control nation if any of that is true.

  • JC Bond

    Sure it was an “accident”. Have any laser guided bombs, dropped from F-16’s, ever landed on any Tel Aviv buildings in the past 60 years? If they did, that too would have certainly been an “accident”.

    P.S. it’s all about the land grab.