• Kavod And Kaved

    Golden Dawn….it’s Golden DAWN. You appear to have them mixed up with the Al-Asa mosque.

    Hardly surprising as you have conveniently not mentioned that Muslims and Roma are more hated than Jews in Europe at present and remain silent on the Muslim Rohingya’s persecution’s by Buddhists or the Muslims currently being killed in CAE.

    Clearly the fact of other people being persecuted is irrelevant, unless they happen to be those perceived of as being actual or potential allies of Israel against Islam in the Middle East. Christianity growing in Israel? So are price tag attacks on Christian Churches by Jews.

    You also fail to mention Naftali Bennet’s recent advice to European Jews to ally with Muslims and Roma there….not something on CIJA’s agenda is it? Not the first time Zionists have been willing to throw European Jews under the bus for their political goals.