• TerrorIsEvil

    I wish the CJN well but I hope that the “cutting
    edge” does not cut into the Jewish people and make them into self-defeating
    supporters of the “Palestinian narrative” as The Toronto Board of
    Rabbis, CIJA, Bernie Farber, IJV, the
    Liberals and NDP, some Jewish academics in the university community and many
    others would like to see happen. There is a real schism in the community fuelled
    by the ignorance that is the result of mainstream organizations keeping Jews in
    the dark about their own rights and adopting a skewed leftist “heal the world” (but
    damn Israel) mindset that is hyper-critical of those in Israel struggling
    against the worst forms of anti-Semitism and violent jihad supported by
    Islamists, European elites and Obama. If Jews are not unified in their activism
    against these existential threats and the Diaspora is awash with ignorance and
    arrogance and selfish pursuit of their own agendas at the expense of Israel’s
    rights, then we will be divided and weak instead of strong and determined to
    uphold our place in the world which is more important than speaking up for the
    rights of Islamists, who want us dead, to finish us off.