• Jerrold Landau

    I was absolutely abhorred a the way McGuinty consistently twisted and turned the issue of faith based school funding to ensure a public backlash against the concept. As a day school parent, all I can say is “good riddance.”

  • Jerrold Landau

    Over his years as premier, I found it absolutely revolting the way McGuinty twisted and turned the issue of funding of faith based schools in order to ensure a public backlash and serve his own political ends. As such, all I can say at this time is “Good riddance.”

  • Joe

    Bernie Farber says “putting aside the school funding issue”, McGuinty “understood Jewish values”. Huh? Is it a Jewish value to exclude our community from public funding of our schools? I guess Farber is telling us to ignore McGuinty’s continued legacy of discrimination against non-Catholics.

  • wjlevin

    One of the key problems is that Farber, others at now-defunct CJC and the UJA willingly put aside the issue of discrimination. They failed completely at achieving anything in their “number one issue.” It shows that incompetence in governance is not only found in government – but also with these very highly paid (or formerly so in the case of Farber) Jewish community civil servants. Transparency and wide public participation in governance exposed McGuinty’s arrogance – I only wish we could have the same in the Jewish community to see some still badly needed turnover in those that govern.

  • Michael Ben Avraham

    I find it absolutely revolting that the UJA Federation spokesperson praises McGuinty for his “unwavering respect for human rights in a vibrant, richly diverse and remarkably multicultural Ontario”. Not only did McGuinty trample human rights, by maintaining and indeed further entrenching state sponsored explicit religious discrimination against Jewish children and other non-Catholic children attending non Catholic faith-based schools, in open violation of binding international human rights law. (Remember that over 95% of the children attending faith-based schools in Ontario receive full public funding, and McGuinty’s own family have long been supporters and beneficiaries of that!) But in doing so he also did immeasurable harm to the Jewish community’s ability to foster Jewish continuity. Our community suffers from this greatly to this very day.

  • Izzie

    Give shrewd Mr. McGuinty credit. He’s managed to buy our leadership’s adoration by throwing a $15-million grant and “Jewish Heritage Month” at us. He and his advisors knew all along he’d get away with acquiring our undying loyalty with those baubles. Too bad about our families across the province who are desperate and hurting thanks to Mr. McGuinty’s blatant discrimination against our children. Too bad he couldn’t find a mere $10-million in the billion dollar E-Health debacle or the billion dollar power plant scandal to fund the Tax Credits he so cynically cancelled retroactively, in order to win an election and gain selfish political points. Too bad our misguided reaction to his mean-spirited legacy will only serve to encourage more of the same among future political leaders. Sometimes, we truly are our own worst enemy…

  • Vardit

    Really CJC.. McGuinty wore a kippah for 5 minutes and that is how you manipulate your readers to remember him? Cheap trick! I’d rather remember him for lying to parents of autistic children, for saying he will never raise taxes and raised them so high, our heads spun and our pockets emptied.

  • Bruce Gilboord

    Heard at the Shiva: “Premier Dad neglected his second family”
    Although Dad‘s steamy affair with the teachers union was quite public, there is a whole other scandal. Dad provided for the children of his two different families, differently. The first set of children received school funding; the subsequent set of children did not.
    Schools for the twins from the (historically) first marriage i.e. Roman Catholic and Public received government funding. The children from the second marriage (diverse group of religious minorities) are denied government funding, despite paying the same taxes as the “twins”.
    Premier Dad twice destroyed a remedy to a historic injustice. He is guilty of neglect for about 5% of his children.