• truthdareisay

    I wonder what he means by that, really… “Representatives from Canadian Tire did not return calls for comment by The CJN’s deadline, but in an email, spokesperson told correspondent Jordan Adler that the company is “committed to ethical business practices here in Canada and internationally.” I hope he means
    “ethical” as in not slanderous outright lies by the Palestinian protesters. I hope Canadian Tire does not cave in because if so, they MIGHT be held hostage at their every whim.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    Organizations need to urge their
    members to get out there to voice their opinions and stand for their rights.
    There were Muslims, Christians and freedom fighters out there protesting in support of Israel alongside Jewish activists. The Federation rep, who was informed of the protest, merely
    made one call to CanTire. The caller had some interpersonal problems with the manager and so he gave up, advising his people to stay away and they did not inform the community except for a generic, short and out-of-context e-blast handed down to Federation by CIJA stating that we should buy Sodastream products at CanTire (no specific store named). No Fed leaders were there to help out. Federation ought to be willing to lead and defend Jewish and Israel rights! I am very pleased that so many others did not hide on that rainy day.

  • Michael

    It’s great that the BsDers were defeated that day, but now that Canadian Tire has run out of Sodastream, are they going to stock more?