• Dror Amar

    0 Comments (before this one), 0 Tweets, 0 Facebok share or recommend and people are wondering why the CJN announced it is shutting down. It is obvious the paper has done a very poor job to promote its online presence and to younger audience.
    I hope someone can keep this paper alive and attract a wider audience.


    • Comments, tweets and shares are not the metric for success. It’s readership and support.

  • Irwin Block

    I support all efforts to save the Canadian Jewish News, which has been an invaluable source to me over the years for important local news, thanks to the excellent reporting of Janice Arnold and David Lazurus.

  • Rufus Bixby

    Where’s Bernie Farber and the Dan family money ?

  • Rufus Bixby

    Where is Bernie Farber and the Dan family money ?