• hjkl

    A state in Australia is currently considering law to protect the legality of religious circumcision:

  • Steve Clow

    The ritual of circumcision is dangerous and damaging enough to be very macabre without adding the ceremonial vampirism and sexual sadism of sucking blood from the wound. Such a practice should have died out long ago with the acceptance of slavery or animal sacrifice.

  • James3D

    Performing surgery on someone to amputate a healthy body part when there is no ailment and no informed consent of the patient is, by legal definition, assault and battery. Sucking blood from the imposed wound is yet another criminal act. Oral rape of a child perhaps?

    The grinning circumciser featured in this article is quoted as saying “lets do it safely.”

    I say lets lock up child abusers and protect children from this barbaric abuse and insanity.

  • Yeoman Roman

    Ritual may be important to an individual practicing it, but the universe would go on without it, if it was ended. It may be nice, but not at the expense of someone’s sexuality or safety. And circumcision is about sex despite the efforts of circumcised men to say otherwise.

    Nobody should be circumcising children -period. This is archaic to assault a child for a god. Sucking on the wound does nothing for the child, but it does empower the Rabbi.

    The sad part is, this is all hookum. If every religion took the week month or year off and did no rituals whatsoever, what would happen? Nothing. We would not be swallowed by fire, etc etc

    And practicing a ritual on an unconsenting, child, certainly violates his safety, his bodily integrity and his freedom of religion.

  • Mirror

    Guess what one of the most prestigious universities on the planet compare circumcision with…

    Mutilation! http://blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/2013/03/announcement-journal-of-medical-ethics-special-issue-on-circumcision/